Happy Top Ten Tuesday, courtesy of the Broke and the Bookish! To be perfectly honest, the whole “Auto-Buy” thing gets trickier when you’re an author yourself, because there are friends I’m literally always gonna support with my wallet no matter WTF they publish and whether I have any interest in reading it. Truth be told, writerly friendships most often happen because you love their work, so, it’s not like that doesn’t count, but for the purposes of this post, I’m going to use the standard of “Published Authors I Have Never Met or Talked to On the Phone.”

(A few examples of authors this nixes: Corey Ann Haydu, Stephanie Kuehn, Jessica Verdi, Lindsay Smith, Gina Ciocca, Maggie Hall, Robin Talley, Katherine Locke, Julie Murphy, Jandy Nelson, Leah Raeder, Nova Ren Suma, Lindsay Ribar, Miranda Kenneally, Rachael Allen, Emery Lord, Becky Albertalli, Megan Erickson, Riley Edgewood, Elizabeth Briggs, Sarina Bowen, Christa Desir, Heather Demetrios, Abigail Haas…see why this was necessary? Exactly.) OKAY THEN.

Courtney Summers – shock and awe, I know. Because it’s not like I mention her in literally every blog post of my faves.

Melina Marchetta – See “Courtney Summers.” Then buy all her books.

Nina LaCour – See “Courtney Summers.” Then buy all her books.

Laura Wiess – I haven’t even read all of her books, but I keep buying them, and know I’ll read them eventually. I love that I don’t know exactly what to expect from them, but I know they’ll be dark, and thoughtful, and have heroines who screw up, and that’s enough for me.

Amy Reed – See “Laura Wiess.”

Lauren Strasnick – See “Laura Wiess.”

Sarah Ockler – I have not had a 100% Love or even Like rate with her books, but I will always, always try them. For one thing, I like her writing style. For another, she’s one of the two biggest authors I can think of in contemp YA romance who writes non-white characters. The other being…

Jennifer Echols – …who also writes majorly sex-positive books, as does…

Trish Doller – …(which is the reason I asked them to blurb Behind the Scenes.)

Sara Farizan – Two for two with f/f romances featuring intersectional diversity, which is kind of my crack, so.

Brandy Colbert – You know when you read just one book by an author but everything about it tells you that you’re gonna like everything she does in the future? That was me and Pointe. And by this logic…

Tess Sharpe because Far From You and

Alexis Bass because Love and Other Theories

Top Thirteen Tuesday still counts as a TTT, yes? Yes. Now tell me, dear bloggers, who are your instabuys?