Perpetual WIPs: Agented Writers

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PerpetualWIPsAgentedWritersClick on the question to see the answers provided by the wonderful agented writers who contributed to this project!

How did you get your agent – traditional querying, contest, referral, or some other way entirely? 

Is the manuscript that got your agent your “baby,” i.e. that ms to which you are attached above all other mss?  

How many mss had you queried prior to the one that got your agent?

How do you view being on sub as opposed to querying? 

What was most important to you in looking for an agent? Now that you’ve gotten one, do you still think it was the most important thing?

How often do you just chat with your agent, i.e. about things that have nothing to do with your business relationship? 

At what point in a WIP do you approach your agent about it? How much did you discuss your other work on “the call”?

If your agent did not want to represent a manuscript you were writing, how would you proceed?

How involved are you (or do you hope to be, if you’re not yet on sub) in your submissions? Do you give input on the sub list? Get rejections as they come in or get news in a weekly update? Or do you get good news only? 

For those on sub, What are the best/worst notes you’ve gotten in a rejection? 

Got any burning questions I didn’t ask? Leave them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Perpetual WIPs: Agented Writers”

  1. I signed with my agent last month and have been looking for “what’s next” posts. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. This looks fantastic. Thanks for posting it. Off to read it now!

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