Q08: Exciting

(This post is part of a larger subseries entitled Perpetual WIPs: Pre-Pub Authors. To see the rest of the questions posed, click here.)

What excites you the most when you think about getting published?


That people will get to meet my characters! I love them like they’re real people. I mean, it’s almost creepy. And I think it’s so fun that other people will get to know their story. No, fun isn’t the right word. I feel like I’m setting two friends up on a blind date, but the two friends are my characters and future readers. “I think you’ll like each other. I really, really hope you’ll like each other! PLEASE LIKE EACH OTHER.”


I love the idea that teenagers will read and think about my book. That it might make them look at something differently or identify with my characters.


Having readers!


My dream is to write full-time. Actually seeing my book in print means I’m that much closer to making that dream a reality and OMG HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I also can’t wait to share my creepy/awesome/messed up world with readers because I would love to find someone who reads it, connects with it, and says “Yes! Finally!” 😉


The possibility that a teen will connect with the story and feel understood in a small but specific way, as I often did as a bookish teen.


THE COVER. OBVIOUSLY. Hopefully also a certain large bookstore will still be open by the time it comes out so I can go oogle my name on the shelf!~


I think I’m most excited about sharing a world that started out in my head with everyone else. I love my characters and the little universe I built for them.


Having total strangers read (and hopefully enjoy) my book!


Just holding my book in my hands and thinking that it’s all my words in there! It’s been my dream since young, getting a novel published, and I still can’t believe it’s come true at 22!


Being able to do something I love as a job. Seeing my book on a shelf in a bookstore. Seeing a stranger reading my book on the subway. I could go on and on!


Connecting with readers who will hopefully love the characters I’ve loved for so long.


That moment when I walk into a bookstore and see my book on the shelf among all of my favorite novels will be pretty amazing. But even more than that, I can’t wait for people to read my story. Hopefully readers will send me awesome comments about staying up until all hours of the night to finish it. Hopefully I’ll hear from some hardcore shippers of couples who don’t actually get together in the book. That, I can’t wait for.


What excites you the most at the thought of being published?


1 thought on “Q08: Exciting”

  1. Sticking it to my high school nemesis. Also, that one home ec teacher who said I’d never amount to anything because I didn’t “follow directions to the letter.”

    Oh, come on! Like you guys aren’t secretly excited about the same thing.

    …Also, world peace.


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