Q12: The Coolest

(This question is part of a larger subseries called Perpetual WIPs: Published Authors. For the remaining questions, see here.)

What’s been the coolest part for you about getting published?


Being able to look at the Facebook profiles of all the people I hated in high school, and thinking to myself, “Ha ha, I have a book published and you do not.” Just kidding (mostly). My favorite part is that now people are actually reading these characters that spent so much time in my head. It’s like they’ve become real people!


I love hearing from readers, and I especially love meeting my young teen fans who are outside of the echo-chamber of review blogs and publishing. Hearing them say, “Your book was so much fun, I loved it,” is the best thing ever.


Holding the finished book in my hands.


Oh, it’s a huge, huge ego boost.  I’m intensely flattered every time I hear from a fan who loves one of my books, or when someone emails to tell me I’m on their auto-buy list.

Also, it’s like receiving official permission to be eccentric.  Suddenly no one wonders why you live by yourself in the woods with a zillion dogs and books piled on the floor; you’re an author, so it makes perfect sense!


I get paid to make stuff up for a living. That’s the coolest part. I’m also awed and humbled whenever someone tells me they read or loved my book. This is stuff I make up when I’m sitting around in my PJs. That it makes it into the hands and hearts of strangers is truly miraculous.


Just seeing my books in print and knowing that they are out in the world for people to read. It’s awe-inspiring, terrifying, and unbelievably exciting, all at once!


Hearing from readers who love my book and take the time to get in touch via email or twitter or Facebook or Goodreads. It truly makes my day.


Well, it’s been my dream for a long time, and having my dream come true has been a fun journey that I’ve gotten to share with people I love. And I love that I can provide an escape for readers. It’s just the best job ever!



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