#AuthorLifeMonth is back! Whether you’ve been following along since its inception in 2016 or it’s brand-new to you, the same rules still apply:

  1. Post whenever you want and skip whatever you want.
  2. Miss a day? Either post both the next day or just skip the day entirely!
  3. Don’t have Instagram? Doesn’t matter! Post on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social medium that uses a hashtag.

To answer the #1 question every year, yes, this is open to unpublished authors; just interpret the questions in a way that works for you, e.g. for “Acknowledgments,” you can shares ones you’ve loved from another book or share something about people who’d definitely be in yours.

As every year, the challenge itself begins February 1st. I think that covers it all, so without further ado, here’s the prompt!