Book Questions

Q: Is the blue cover of Behind the Scenes available in paperback?

A: Yes! If you want a copy, please use my contact form to place to get in touch, and we’ll work it out. If you order the paperback from any other site, you will get the old cover. I’m so sorry; there’s nothing I can do about that.

Q: Can I read Under the Lights without having read Behind the Scenes?

A: You can! Reading Behind the Scenes first helps with understanding character background, especially because the first couple of chapters do fairly heavily feature Ally and Liam, but it’s not strictly necessary. If you’re interested in UtL because it’s LGBT (well, L and B, anyway), but otherwise these books wouldn’t be your thing, by all means, go for it – nothing about Vanessa’s romantic life is tied to Behind the Scenes that can’t be gleaned from the latter’s blurb.

Q: Can I read Right of First Refusal without reading Last Will and Testament?

A: You can! I think it’s more fun to read LWaT first because Cait’s best friends are recurring characters, but it’s absolutely an independent story, with a love interest who’s new to Radleigh.

Q: Can I read Out on Good Behavior without reading the first two Radleigh books?

A: Still absolutely yes, but, this is my first book where the main character and love interest actually do meet in the previous one (Right of First Refusal), and it also has a lot of scenes involving the main characters and love interests from earlier in the series. Comprehension-wise, you’ll be fine, but it’s worth noting.

Q: Will there be more Radleigh books after Out on Good Behavior?

A: Nope, that’s it. I love my Radleigh girls and their partners and I wouldn’t mess with them for all the macarons in Paris. There are some fun bonus scenes here and here, though!

Q: Which of your books are f/f?

A: So far, Under the Lights and Out on Good Behavior, and my stories in All Out (“Molly’s Lips”) and His Hideous Heart (“Lygia”) are as well. There is no romance between Reagan and Victoria in Just VisitingYA definitely needs more romances between girls, but it needs solid best friendship books too! As for upcoming titles, both of my upcoming titles with Wednesday Books (Cool for the Summer and another TBD) will be f/f.

Q: Which of your books have Jewish main characters?

A: None of my books have Jewish main characters yet, but you can find them in my short stories in The Radical Element (“Daughter of the Book”) and It’s a Whole Spiel (“Two Truths and an Oy”).

Q: Will there be more Daylight Falls books?

A: Nope – just a duology!

Q: Why are your covers so awesome?

A: Because Maggie Hall.

Q: I found the scenes between Van and Bri in Under the Lights really hot, even though I’m straight. Is that weird?

A: Not even a little bit.

Author Questions

Q: Can you blurb my book?

A: Maybe! Which I say for a couple of reasons:

1) I can read your book for consideration, but I cannot/will not promise an actual blurb before I have read your book.

2) Sometimes I have time, and sometimes I do not. I also really struggle with reading electronically, so unfortunately I can only agree to read bound manuscripts at this time.

Q: Who’s your agent?

A: I do not have one at present, but my books do, so please see below as needed, though you can contact me with any questions and I’ll be happy to send them in the right direction.

For Behind the Scenes and Under the Lights: Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger
For Just Visiting: Rachel Sussman at Chalberg & Sussman
For His Hideous Heart and That Way Madness Lies: Victoria Marini at Irene Goodman Literary Agency
For Cool for the Summer: DongWon Song at Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Can you recommend me a book?

A: Sure! If it’s LGBTQIAP, the best way to ask for a rec is through the LGBTQReads Tumblr Ask Box. For anything else, feel free to tweet me at @MissDahlELama.

Q: Can I interview you?

A: Sure, as long as it’s by email!

Publishing Questions

Q: Do you have any advice on writing LGBTQ YA?

A: Yup! Check out this Goodreads response and this blog post.

Q: How can I/my son/my mom get published?

A: Every general question I get is answered in this blog somewhere. I took the time to write it; please take the time to use the Search function.

Q: Should I leave my agent, because—

A: Stop right there. I can’t make this call for you. You need to talk to your agent. Communication is key.

Q: Should I sign with this small press, because

A: Stop right there. I can’t make this call for you. If you have concerns about a small press, read Tiffany King’s great roundup of great posts on the subject and make your own decision: http://www.fictiffous.com/2013/08/the-small-press-debate.html

Got any questions I didn’t answer here? Feel free to email!


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