Q02: The Pipeline

(This question is part of a larger subseries called Perpetual WIPs: Published Authors. For the remaining questions, see here.)

How many books do you have published, and how many do you have in the pipeline? Are your forthcoming books going to be published by the same imprint?


I have one book out so far, and two more in the series under contract. The first book is out under the imprint that originally bought the trilogy — but since my editor is launching an eponymous imprint next year, the second and third books will be under that name.


I have two YA fantasy on the shelves, and four adult fantasy.  I also have two YA in the pipeline; those are a new thing for me because they are paranormal/UF titles.  My Knopf editor did not feel they fit her line, and so they will be coming out from a smaller house — Strange Chemistry, the YA imprint of Angry Robot.  Though I’m very happy with my Big Six experience, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how the publishing experience works with a smaller house.

I also have two complete manuscripts that my Knopf editor is looking at right now; hopefully those will wind up in the official pipeline as well — hopefully soon!


I have three published, and two in the pipeline. I’m currently developing two different ideas, one to expand the series I’m currently working on, if my publisher wishes to continue that series, and one that is completely different, just in case.


This is my debut and it has at least one sequel in the pipeline.


I have three out, one almost out, and two more before this year is over. All but one of those books will be published by the same publishing company, different imprints, since I write different genres.


I have published 8 books, and I have 4 more in process. The next four will all be from the same house. I write in several different genres/markets, so I have a few houses I write for.


I have one book published and one coming out this summer. The third will be released summer 2014. My deal was for a trilogy, but I hope to stay with this house for future projects too!


After that first book, came three more from the same publishing house, although there were changes as my publishers merged with other houses. I also kept busy with second editions. Then, most recently, some of my picture book manuscripts landed on an editor’s desk with a major publisher, which was really exciting. They were released earlier this year, with more planned for the future.

I also just finished an upper middle-grade contemporary, along with the first of a lower middle-grade series. I’m really excited about both! I have no idea what will happen, but I recently decided that it’s time to look for an agent. I have so many different projects that I can’t manage alone any longer. The querying process is totally new to me, so I’m taking it slowly. Hmm. I guess the answer is, “watch this space”!



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