Q07: Research Resources

(This question is part of a larger subseries called Perpetual WIPs: Self-Published Authors. For the remaining questions, see here.)

What research resources, online or otherwise, did you find the most helpful?


Twitter contains so much information, and reading the experiences of other Indie authors really helped. I also found twitter chats to be extremely helpful, as you can chat real-time with others going through the same process.


I’m a member of a few Yahoo groups that talk about self publishing. It’s great because authors are so helpful and very candid about what worked for them.


The personal blog of Leigh Ann Kopans [http://leighannkopans.blogspot.com], a successful self-pub author who shared much of her process and is very sweet; Pen & Muse [http://penandmuse.com]; and this bloggety blog right here, The Daily Dahlia. I learned so much about the traditional model from Dahl, and then I sought to recreate it in miniature form. (Blogger’s Note: So cool, thank you!)


I just used the guides on the various self-publishing platforms, and followed the advice of my publicist.


To learn about self-publishing, I went straight to Hugh Howey, the author of the WOOL series, and a champion of self-publishers. I searched his site for anything he had posted on self-publishing and followed all the links I could. Everything else I figured out on my own piece by piece. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I’ve also learned good lessons. The Facebook author groups I belong to have also been a wealth of knowledge, and I have learned a lot from other authors who tweet or blog about self-publishing. No one source has been more helpful than Hugh Howey, though.


I had a self-publishing mentor that held my hand through every step. There’s really no other way to do it, in my opinion.


For writing, Write To Done is an excellent source of articles on writing, both for traditional and indie authors.  The World Literary Cafe is also worth checking out: they’re basically a hub, collecting authors, bloggers, and vendors, then introducing them to each other.


AbsoluteWrite.com was extremely helpful. And I can’t forget good ol’ Google!


Susan Kaye Quinn has a great series on self publishing on her blog that I found really helpful. I also read a lot of blogs by people who have already done this. And of course a lot of support from friends who’ve self published already was invaluable.


Oh man. I don’t even know—I did my research so long ago that I can’t remember. That’s bad, isn’t it? These days, if I have a question, authors on Twitter usually have an answer.


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