Perpetual WIPs

PerpetualWIPsBannerLongPerpetual WIPs is a series I started in 2012 in order to help writers at every stage of the publication process understand “the norm” – or lack thereof. It isolates writers by stage (Querying, Agented, Pre-Pub etc.) and poses a series of specific questions to a number of volunteers in each category, who then answer those questions completely anonymously. Hopefully, these answers provide useful information, quell some insecurities, and generally display just how much publishing paths can vary.

You can begin reading Perpetual WIPs with the introductory post: Am I Normal? (And, if you’re reading Perpetual WIPs: Literary Agents, you can add A Little Something Different with Perpetual WIPs to that), or you can just dive right in:

Perpetual WIPs: Querying Writers

Perpetual WIPs: Agented Writers

Perpetual WIPs: Pre-Pub Authors

Perpetual WIPs: Traditionally Published Authors

Perpetual WIPs: Self-Published Authors

Perpetual WIPs: Literary Agents

Perpetual WIPs: Mid-Career Authors


5 thoughts on “Perpetual WIPs”

  1. Anonymous said:

    I have tried to write a book too. Have any suggestions? You sound amazing!!

  2. Anonymous said:

    you are so cool. I can’t believe that you have written a book. I have had a few failed attempts and then I run out of ideas. Have you got any suggestions on how to get ideas.

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