Hey, have you guys seen that little blog series up on top there? Those pretty little “Perpetual WIPs” headings that actually hide tons and tons of useful opinions and information for querying, agented, and pre-pub writers? Well, if you haven’t, check ’em out, and if you have, you may also have noticed that they’re pretty damn helpful, if I may say so myself.

Being helpful is sort of fun, so I tried to think about what would be even more helpful, and I came up with the newest edition: Literary Agents. Only this time, instead of the questions being targeted toward helping others in the same exact boat, these questions are meant to help everyone: Querying writers who may or may not know what having an agent is all about or the best ways to get one; Agented writers at all stages of publication who aren’t quite sure how to proceed if things aren’t working out, or they have a suggestion, or don’t understand how agents make their choices; New agents just starting out and wanting to understand how more seasoned pros in the industry handle matters; and even Agent-wannabes.

Basically, there’s no one I don’t think will benefit from reading this particular edition of Perpetual WIPs, and eleven agents took the time from their seriously busy schedules to make it happen, so enjoy it, learn from it, spread the word, and make it your gospel, because it’s definitely the most thorough #askagent you will ever read!

And of course, major thank you to the agents who took part! Anonymous round of applause to you all!