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Welcome back to my not-so-daily blog, and to my favorite series within it, Perpetual WIPs! For those unfamiliar, Perpetual WIPs is a blog series I started back in 2012 (which I guess makes it officially ancient?) that asks the same questions of a series of publishing professionals in a specific category and posts the answers anonymously in an effort to help authors navigate this beautifully and brutally complex industry we call publishing. You can read more about it here, but now I’m gonna move on to the The Point: a new edition launches today, and it’s all about authors who are making agent jumps in the middle of their careers.

You may notice that discussing mid-career querying is kind of a passion of mine, partly because it’s very rarely talked about and partly because I find it really interesting how much our needs change as our careers go on, and what kind of industry changes we see reflected in that as well. If you take away nothing else, though, it should be this: changing agents is a perfectly normal part of the process, and while it isn’t something every author does, it sure is something a lot of authors do! And it isn’t always a reflection on the agent or even indicative of a bad relationship or any bad actors; as you’ll see, there are many reasons authors and agents part, and many ways in which careers shift. So whether you’re querying or just curious, I hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two!

Here we go!