Perpetual WIPs: Pre-Pub Authors

Welcome to Perpetual WIPs, and thank you for checking it out! To see what it’s all about, read this post first: Am I Normal?

PerpetualWIPsPrePubAuthorsClick on the question to see the answers provided by the wonderful pre-pub authors who contributed!

(Just to clarify, for the purposes of this series, a Pre-Pub Author refers to one who has a book deal but has not yet been published.)

What kind of publisher is your deal with, and how did you pursue that route of publication?

What do you think are major advantages and disadvantages of your path to publication? Do you plan to do things the same way in the future?

How long were you on submission/querying publishers? How long did it take before you were permitted to announce your deal, and what factors went into that decision?

What kind of say do you have in things like your cover art, title change (if applicable), and marketing/publicity plans? Or, if it hasn’t yet been discussed, what kind of input do you hope/expect to have?

How many books was your deal for? If it was a multi-book deal, how are the future books connected to the first, if at all? What additional material did you need to provide, if any? If it wasn’t a multi-book deal, what’s your plan for submitting your next book?

Can you briefly describe the editorial process so far, as well as what you anticipate/have been told to expect? How long is your process expected to be from offer to publication?

What kinds of marketing/publicity have you done for yourself? What kinds of social media have you found to be the most helpful?

What excites you the most when you think about getting published?

What makes you the most nervous when you think about getting published?

Based on feedback, what about your book do you think was the biggest driving force toward its getting an offer from a publisher?

If your book was bought in a pre-empt, how did you decide on your magic number? If your book went to auction, what factors ultimately made your decision about which publisher to choose? If neither, how did the advance/royalties line up with your expectations?

What did you spend your advance money on? Or, if your deal didn’t come with an advance, what’s the first thing you’re going to spend your royalty earnings on?


1 thought on “Perpetual WIPs: Pre-Pub Authors”

  1. gaylerosengren said:

    What a great site! I can’t believe it took me this long to find it. I’m a member of OneFourKidLit and Class of 2K14 debut writers groups and my MG historical fiction book, What the Moon Said, will be coming out on Feb 20th. Now that I’ve found you, Dahlia, I will definitely be back. There’s a treasure trove of articles to read here!

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