Q09: Nervewracking

(This post is part of a larger subseries entitled Perpetual WIPs: Pre-Pub Authors. To see the rest of the questions posed, click here.)

What makes you the most nervous when you think about getting published?


The fact that, once it’s on the shelves, I can’t ever make changes to it again. Control freak, party of one!


Definitely whether people will like it. I’m convinced no one will buy it or have anything good to say about it. But then I make myself remember how much my friends and beta readers enjoyed it, and the passion of my agent and publisher for it, and I feel a bit better.


REVIEWS. Not earning out my advance.


People not liking it. I won’t read any sort of reviews because I’m thin-skinned about my own work, and I fear that people won’t get the book.


That people won’t read the book. I know some people will hate it. I’m expecting negative reviews, because that happens to every book. But I will be really sad if no one wants to read it at all. And I guess that ties into my real biggest fear, which is disappointing people–my editor and everyone at my publisher, my agent, my friends and family…ahhhh. I don’t even want to think about it.


The possibility that no one will buy my book.


That people will be able to read my story. Bad reviews and all that…but hopefully there will be good reviews, too.


Ironically, readers. They’re the most exciting and the most terrifying part of being an author. Praise can be amazing and criticism can be awful. Finding the place where neither of those bloat or deflate your ego is hard.


Public appearances and judgment.


Nothing! At this point, the book is for the readers. I’ve done all I can and I hope people will read it. Like or dislike, it’s all gravy!


I have a tough skin, but I spend some sleepless nights worrying about how my book will be received especially by people whose opinions matter to me.


This is the politically incorrect answer, but the thing I’m most nervous about is not selling. Publishing is, at the end of the day, a business venture. If your books (and thus YOU) are thought to be a bad investment, then you’re not likely to get many more opportunities, if any at all.


What makes you the most nervous at the thought of being published?


4 thoughts on “Q09: Nervewracking”

  1. At this point, I feel like nothing in the world can harm me, provided my book is published. It’s important for me to hold onto that feeling, I think, once I reach the point where it’s more of a reality and holy crap I WANT MY MOMMY, HOLD ME.

  2. The thought that, despite ask the positive feedback my MS and pitch have garnered, the finished book will be widely misconstrued as a rip-off of a famous show rather than – if anything – a timely homage.

    I guess time will tell; need to hook me an agent, first!


  3. Ha! It’s so reassuring to hear everyone shares the same doubts. Reassuring and frightening. Part of me wants to crawl under a blanket. Kudos for sharing your fears – I’m sure you’ll all do well. I’ll buy your books!

  4. I can relate to all of those. the only advice I’ve been given to combat these fears are:

    Keep writing and constantly work on your craft, and celebrate the small victories. Not everyone is going to like what you do. That’s hard in general to accept, but accepting it is the first part. I’m working on that!

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