Q05: Brutal Rejections

(This question is part of a larger subseries called Perpetual WIPs: Querying Writers. For the remaining questions, see here.)

What do you think is more brutal – a form rejection or a no-response-is-no?


I HATE no responses – and I HATE form rejections, but I would rather take a rejection above a no-answer any day – at least you have closure!


No response by far. At least with a form rejection, I can cross them off the list. I tend to cling to hope a little longer than I should.


That’s tough. Both.  But honestly, I think maybe the form rejection. You spend so much time researching an agent, catering the query to them, and they can’t even take the time to copy and paste your name?!


Hmm, probably a form rejection because I know that an agent read it and it didn’t grab them. With a no-response, I think part of me still thinks “maybe the agent could still read it! Maybe they could still love it!” Although that could also just be me being delusional.


For me, it changes. Sometimes i think a form is, and sometimes a No response is, mostly just because you never know for sure if they even got your query.


By far, a no-response-is-no. I have seen all kinds of rejections and I don’t mind if it’s a quick ‘not for me’, but when I don’t get anything at all it leaves me wondering if they even received what I sent.


No response. I’d rather at least get a response. That being said, if the no response agent has an auto-responder with a time frame to consider it a no, that’s very helpful. Also, if they post updates on Twitter listing where they are on queries, I appreciate that as well. It doesn’t stop me from querying them, though, if I know they’re a good agent.


I despise no-responses.



2 thoughts on “Q05: Brutal Rejections”

  1. I agree with most of the above posts. I really loathe “no response equals no.” You’ll have a part of your ego that will always wonder if the agent actually received the query instead of just deleting it as a no. Also, to me, as much as I understand the reasoning, there are just so many agents that do respond and have expressed that they respect the idea that it’s the professional and courteous thing to do. I am currently querying for the first time but I am definately taking note on the agents that do respond for (if) and when I am querying my next project.
    PS I love these Perpetual WIP posts!

  2. You are brilliant. Also, I suspect this was posted a zillion years before my pitiful tweet/rant. And, you went much deeper than my lame tweet. *applause* It’s like we’re wonder twins without the bucket of ice water.

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