Q12: Advance Spending

(This post is part of a larger subseries entitled Perpetual WIPs: Pre-Pub Authors. To see the rest of the questions posed, click here.)

What did you spend your advance money on? Or, if your deal didn’t come with an advance, what’s the first thing you’re going to spend your royalty earnings on?


I didn’t get an advance, so I’m hoping my royalties are significant enough that I’ll be able to buy something totally and utterly extravagant or even high enough that my definition of extravagant changes. 😉


When my first advance check comes in, I’m going to Disneyland. And then I’ll probably save the rest.


I’m actually using the money to help my family out of a tight spot. It’s what I planned from the beginning when I wrote this book. But I’m definitely ferreting away some to buy some new pimpin’ author threads.


(Blogger’s note: Due to the giveaway nature of this response, I’m going to paraphrase and say that the author gave the money to a charity that is near and dear to her heart.)


I’m hoping to go on a trip! (And call it book research, of course.) 🙂


Still waiting on the check, BUT I have plans :0) – Ipad for sure. Lots of home renovation stuff and then tucking at least half (after taxes – eep!) away in case I sell future books and can leave my day job to write full time.


I am going to pay off my student loan! Boring but true. Then I’ll treat myself to a million copies of my book just so the sales figures look good. Haha – joking!


I went out to a really nice dinner! And the rest helped pay bills. Exciting, right? 😉 When I start getting royalty checks, I’m hoping it’ll be enough to put aside to create a buffer so I can quit my day job and still have financial stability. That’s the hope anyway. 


We’ve renovated our house and socked the rest away so that I can carve more time out of my day job for my new job.


This one’s going to give me away, but I don’t mind with this question. My splurges were a tattoo and, most recently, a Nikon camera. The is either sitting in savings or has been used for some unexpected life hiccups. I’m hoping to finance a few publishing-ish trips, too.


This is kind of lame, but new heating for our house. The rest is being saved for marketing expenses and rainy days!


I’ve socked away the first installment of my advance in a low-interest/no-risk account and haven’t spent a dime, AKA rollin’ like a grandma. I thought about quitting my day job completely and living off of the advance money, but that felt like too much pressure too soon, so…hoarding it is! I do plan to use some of it for writing conferences and a trip to the scenic setting of my next WIP!


What would you spend your advance on?


2 thoughts on “Q12: Advance Spending”

  1. I would pay off some of my student loans, wipe out my credit card in one fell swoop, and take a modest vacation.

  2. mittensmorgul said:

    A new computer, a trip somewhere fabulous, and a downpayment on a new car for the hubs. His is 15 years old and on life support. 🙂

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