It’s been a long time since I’ve been a member of a new community. I’ve been at my job for three years, I’ve been at my publisher for more than two, I’m not in school anymore…but every now and again I remember what it is like to be new to a community, or even want to be but don’t know how to get there, and there are just no answers.

So, here’s my attempt at an answer: Dahlia’s Guide to Bookish Twitter, a guide to help you figure out who to follow, based on the issues you’re most interested in seeing discussed. Obviously, this is extremely biased based on who I like and find helpful and interesting; that’s why my name is on the guide. Your mileage may vary. To be clear, this isn’t a list of my favorite authors, agents, and bloggers on Twitter, or even a list of everyone I consider knowledgeable or a good writer on these subjects; it’s a list of people who talk about these issues frequently and in a manner I find intelligent, thought provoking, interesting, and engaging. Most importantly, these are the ones frequently starting the conversations. 

Also, a quick note on acronyms. Acronyms are huge on Twitter, because of the 140-character limit. It can feel really isolating and daunting to try to enter a community that speaks a language you only half understand. To that end, a few of the most common ones are listed at the bottom of this post, but you should check out my Abridged Glossary of Pub Speak.

OK, onward! Here are my recommendations for who to follow if you’re particularly interested in (and in case you were sent here by someone else, but don’t know me, hi, I’m on there too, as @MissDahlELama):

Earlier stages of publishing, such as querying, submission, and writing tips:

  • @Ava_Jae (author and blogger Ava Jae)
  • @KateBrauning (author and editor Kate Brauning)
  • @Literaticat (agent and bookseller Jenn Laughran)
  • @carlywatters (agent Carly Watters)
  • @SarahLaPolla (agent Sarah LaPolla)
  • To be aware of upcoming contests: @BrendaDrake (author Brenda Drake)
  • Publishing law: @SusanSpann (author and lawyer Susan Spann)

Upcoming/Notable Books and/or Well-Curated Booklists*:

  • @Veronikellymars
  • @BNTeens (the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog)
  • @Mimi_Albert (B&N Teen Blog editor Melissa Albert)
  • @BookRiot (the Book Riot blog)
  • @ericsmithrocks (blogger and author Eric Smith)
  • @TLT16 (librarian and blogger Karen Jensen)
  • @CiteSomething (librarian and blogger Amanda MacGregor)

Anxiety and Depression:

  • @coreyannhaydu (author Corey Ann Haydu)
  • @jessica_shea (author Jessica Spotswood)
  • @emerylord (author Emery Lord)


  • @mariekeyn (author Marieke Nijkamp)
  • @corinneduyvis (author Corinne Duyvis)
  • @anneursu (author Anne Ursu)


  • @DisabilityInLit (the Disability in Kidlit blog)
  • @Kody_Keplinger (author Kody Keplinger)
  • @mariekeyn (author Marieke Nijkamp)
  • @PunkinOnWheels (writer/blogger Kayla Whaley – especially recommended for intersection of disability and queerness)



  • @haleshannon (author Shannon Hale)
  • @gildedspine (blogger Kaye)
  • @emerylord (author Emery Lord)
  • @Veronikellymars
  • @tessagratton (author Tessa Gratton)
  • @ashleyhblake (author Ashley Herring Blake)




  • @LGBTQReads (the LGBTQReads blog)
  • @bibliogato (author Katherine Locke)
  • @YA_Pride (the YA Pride blog)
  • @robin_talley (author Robin Talley)
  • @NitaTyndall
  • @diversifYA (the DiversifYA blog)
  • @dreamofgorgon (agent Connor Goldsmith)
  • Bisexuality: @TristinaWright (author Tristina Wright)
  • Asexuality: @JulieSondra (author Julie Sondra Decker)
  • Asexuality: @byericacameron (author Erica Cameron)
  • Intersexuality: @IWGregorio (author Ilene Gregorio)
  • The gender spectrum: @lxgino, @jessie_devine
  • Transitioning and trans issues: @Mer_Squared, @ava_jae

Racial Diversity in MG/YA/life:

  • @diversebooks (the We Need Diverse Books organization)
  • @diversityinya (the Diversity in YA blog, headed by @malindalo and @cindypon)
  • Latinx Representation: @latinosinkidlit
  • Native-American Representation: @debreese
  • @leonicka
  • @JustinaIreland
  • @brownbookworm
  • @zlikeinzorro
  • @gildedspine
  • @mermaidvisions
  • @tehlorkay
  • @CandiceAmanda

Racial Diversity in Romance:

  • @rebekahwsm (author Rebekah Weatherspoon)
  • @SuleikahSnyder (author Suleikha Snyder)
  • @AlyssaColeLit (author Alyssa Cole)
  • @AlishaRai (author Alisha Rai)
  • @CourtneyMilan (author Courtney Milan)

*I could go on forever re: great book bloggers, and if you want a list of ones I love, here’s the one I made on Twitter.

And, as promised, some commonly used acronyms (for explanations of the terms, Google is your friend):

  • MC: Main Character
  • LI: Love Interest
  • CP: Critique Partner
  • WIP: Work-in-Progress
  • ms: manuscript/mss: manuscripts
  • OTP: One True Pairing/OT3: One True Threesome
  • PoC: Person of Color/WoC: Woman of Color/AoC: Author of Color
  • SFF: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • QUILTBAG: Queer/Questioning Intersex Lesbian Transgender Bisexual Asexual Gay
  • ARC: Advance Reader Copy/eARC: electronic Advance Reader Copy
  • RT: Retweet or the Romantic Times conference
  • BEA: Book Expo America
  • HEA: Happily Ever After
  • PM: Publishers Marketplace/PW: Publishers Weekly
  • SLJ: School Library Journal
  • NA: New Adult
  • HC: Hardcover/PB: Paperback or Picture Book
  • m/m: male-male romance
  • f/f: female-female romance
  • FWIW: For What It’s Worth
  • YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary
  • ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
  • ikr: I know, right?