So, I recognize that Dahlia has not been very Daily here, but in fairness, there’s just so much fun Dahlia-ness happening elsewhere! But this is my blog, and really should be a one-stop Dahlia shop, so, to recap:

  • New post up today on the Barnes & Noble Blog: 7 Great YA Books that Take Place on the Move
  • New post up earlier this week on the Barnes & Noble Blog: A Beginner’s Guide to New Adult
  • The esteemed (obviously a euphemism) Leah Raeder let me serve as a judge for a contest involving reading a scene from her debut, UNTEACHABLE, out loud. The results were epic, and you can read our live-chatting and hear all the entries here. (Warning: It is all filthy. Just, awful. We’re terrible people.)
  • Jayne at Fiction_The New Reality hosted me as part of a monthlong event called New Year, New Books, and you can see me talking about my 2014 TBR here.
  • I got to pick Cover of the Week at Cover Snark! So, that was fun and you should check it out.
  • I’m a bouncer in Cupid’s upcoming Blind Speed Dating Contest! Come meet me and the others in the Bouncer Spotlight.
  • Oh, and I was in DC this past weekend and got to spend time with my fabulous editor, Patricia, and I can now announce my next two books for Spencer Hill! Not much info available yet, but what I can share is on my site!
  • As are the two signing appearances I have planned for 2014!

Is that it? God, I hope that’s it. I have to write books and stuff.