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behind-the-scenes-adler-coverOkay, so, this is sort of a tricky The Broke and The Bookish category for me, being that I am a 2014 debut, but I’m also a reader, and a blogger, and book buyer, and I decided to factor in all sorts of Reasons, and here are the 10 I ended up with!

BEHIND THE SCENES, by me (June 24). Sorry, but no matter how much I love you, I’m still the most excited for mine. The rest of these are out of order, but rest assured, in my brain, I am totally number one.

OPEN ROAD SUMMER by Emery Lord (April 15). I was dying for this book from the second I knew of its existence. Then I got to read it in October 2013, and I loved it, and now, I can’t wait for everyone else to read and love this glorious story of friendship and romance and travel as well.

HOOK’S REVENGE by Heidi Schulz (September 16). Speaking of friends, Heidi’s pretty much one of the greatest. Not only that, but I know this MG is one I’m gonna be buying for every kid I know in the target age range, and I’m so, so excited for that part. What kid could possibly resist a story from the perspective of Captain Hook’s daughter??

POINTE by Brandy Colbert (April 10). Darkness and dancing and that cover – oh my! I’ve been drooling over her book since forever and need it on my shelf ASAP. The fact that it has blurbs from two of my absolute top favorite authors – Courtney Summers and Nina LaCour – doesn’t hurt!

SEKRET by Lindsay Smith (April 1). This is another one I was privileged to get to read in 2013, so I’m more excited to have it be publicly available to my fellow Russophile public than anything else. This book had my heart pounding, and it’s gonna be followed by a sequel in 2015, and…I mean…RUSSIA. Like, how can you not die for that immediately??

BETWEEN by Megan Whitmer (July 29). I read this manuscript a billion revisions ago, and I don’t use “LOL” lightly, but for real, a zillion times while reading this one. I can only imagine how good the final version is.

TRUST ME, I’M LYING by Mary Elizabeth Summer (October). That cover. That description. A freaking con-artist MC. Like, I’m sorry, but this book sounds awesome, and most probably is, and I need it, and that’s just how it is.

OF SCARS AND STARDUST by Andrea Hannah (Fall).Β This is another one I read at an early stage, and it’s been flying under the radar, probably in large part because the author was doing the whole “having a baby” thing as the whole deal went down. But make no mistake – this book is gorgeous, and chilling, and twisted, and one I cannot freaking wait for everyone to get their hands on. Particularly if you’re a fan of Nova Ren Suma’s work, this is going to be one of your favorite 2014 debuts – mark my words.

RITES OF PASSAGE by Joy Hensley (September 9).Β  So, until recently, I had no idea what this book was about. Then someone on Twitter mentioned wanting a military school YA, and I thought YES, and someone else piped up that this was one, and I ran to Goodreads, and OH MY GOD LONG STORY LONG I NEED THIS BOOK. I freaking love military fiction; Nelson DeMille was my crack, once upon a time, and obviously LORDS OF DISCIPLINE by Pat Conroy and ugh, just, I need this.

ALL FOUR STARS by Tara Dairman (July 10). This is literally the only MG I read last year, and not only was it adorable, but it contained one of my very favorite themes – FOOD. Being super new to MG, I was prepared for it to “write down” to younger kids in the foodie regard, but it did not, at all, and this is another one I am super psyched to buy for the MG-reading kids in my life!