A bunch of months ago, a bookstagrammer made a cool photo challenge that revolved around author life. I absolutely loved the idea, but that particular challenge didn’t show off the kind of stuff I personally love to talk about as an author. (Not the fault of the bookstagrammer or anything! But I am not a fulltime author, so stuff that revolves around fulltime author life isn’t for me.) It did however, inspire me to make my own, and I did it for February because it’s how the timing worked out, and also, whee! Shortest month.

Hahahaha I completely forgot that in 2016, February has 29 days.

ANYWAY, this challenge only has 28 so feel free to do whatever you like with that final day. In the meantime, when I mentioned to other author friends that I’d done this, they suggested I put it up on my blog a little bit in advance so people could “prepare” and so that the challenge would be easy to find, so, voila!

If you’re an author, and you’re not on Instagram but wanna be, here’s a great way to get your feet wet! You just post an applicable picture that day, hashtag it #AuthorLifeMonth, and…that’s it!


Feel free to interpret however you want; just don’t forget the hashtag, so the rest of us can find your posts!

Just to clarify a few that are getting the most questions:

  1. (1) You are more than welcome to participate even if you’re not yet published; just post pictures of your WIPs instead. For something like (6) or (11), you can post stuff you’ve created for other books, or what you’d love to see for yours…totally up to you.
  2. (5) Comp covers = the covers that inspired yours (or, if you’re not yet published, covers that would inspire yours for the WIP of your choice)
  3. (25) A pub-sib = someone else at your same publisher. An agent-sib would also be fine, or if you’re self-pubbed, do another self-pub book!
  4. (27) As I mentioned in the comments, please do post a signature that is not the same you use to sign official documents.

If you’ve get any other questions, please leave them in the comments!

xoxo, @MissDahlELama