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Last year I rounded up a collection of things on the internet that are awesome, but as it turns out, more awesome things kept popping up! So, in an effort to make sure they don’t get lost, here are a few more things I’ve seen in the past bunch of months that I think are awesome:

This brave and honest post by UNTEACHABLE author Leah Raeder that emphasizes the importance of gaying up New Adult: All Things Queer and Wonderful

This spot-on post by Becca Weston on how writing to be published changes you: Why Teenage Me Was a Lot Better Writer

This great, thought-provoking post by OPEN ROAD SUMMER author Emery Lord: Feminism and Writing YA

This interview Heather at Flyleaf Review did with Leah Raeder, which talks about sexual empowerment in YA and NA, among other things.

Particularly as someone hoping to be all hybrid-y someday and who generally thinks all pub paths are pretty awesome, I beyond loved this post by Jennifer Armentrout: Stockholm Syndrome

This wonderfully honest post by Cahill Witch Chronicles trilogy author Jessica Spotswood, about managing expectations and hard-learned lessons: 2013: A Learning Year: Managing Expectations

Let’s be honest – there will probably always be something hilarious by Mallory Ortberg of The Toast on here. In this case: Dirtbag Hamlet

My CP Maggie Hall is currently traveling the world like the BAMF she is, and her and her husband’s blog is filled with crazy awesome pictures of their travels, which include Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, China, Japan, Italy, Spain…I’ll stop now before you spontaneously combust with jealousy like I do on a daily basis: www.Its-Adventure-Time.com

The Cuddlebuggery has a post by Kat Kennedy on “When Love Triangles Should be Threesomes.” I mean, the answer is obviously “always,” but it’s still worth reading, if for no other reason than to inspire your next book to be more interesting.

And, finally, this week there was a #TwitterLoveStories hashtag that required writing an entire love story in one tweet. My fabulously talented friend Anna-Marie McLemore, author of THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS, happens to have written my favorite one:

So, those are some of my favorite things on the Internet from the past few months. If you missed any, check ’em out! If you didn’t, spend less time on the Internet!