I’ve been trying to think of a way to get the word out about all these things on the Internet that I think are awesome, and finally, I decided to just throw them all in one post and hope my blog doesn’t explode from the magnificence:

First and foremost, this is my favorite post on the Internet. Just, ever. It has nothing to do with reading or writing or YA or any of that. It is simply a treatise about how and why Bobby Flay sucks, and it is the greatest blog post in the world.

For a more writerly take on an F-U post, check out this guest post by Kim Liggett for YA Muses. Try not to cheer at the end. I dare you.

And here’s one by one of my favorite raging bloggers (but delightfully sweet person!), Becca Weston, on letting plots die and how HIMYM is the perfect example of what not to do. (My thoughts on similar offenders in the comments.)

To my mind, there is not a single more incredible Tumblr account (or maybe general Internet achievement) than Slaughterhouse90210, the brainchild of Maris Kreizman. Go on and get lost in the sheer brilliance for hours.

Obviously pretty much everything on The Hairpin is gold, but here are a couple of my faves:

  • The entire “Texts From” series by Mallory Ortberg

Next, obviously I think my blog series are some of the most awesome things on the Internet, but there are also some other really excellent ones on the writerly you should be reading, including:

Writers Like Us by my CP Valerie Cole
W.O.W. (Writer Odyssey Wednesday) by Amy Trueblood
When I’m Not Writing by Stacey Lee
Cover Stories by Melissa Walker
The Big Reveal by Suzi Retzlaff
Field Trip Friday by Kate Hart for YA Highway (which has since mostly ended but the “best of” roundups she’s done in the last month are fantastic)
Submission Hell – It’s True by Mindy McGinnis
Fizzy Fangirling by Summer Heacock
Newly Agented Writer Series by Kristin Lynn Thetford
Contest Circuit by Kimberly Gabriel
Inspiring Stories – Getting Their Agents by Dee Romito

And, clearly, you’re already wise enough to check out this blog, but are you also reading YA Misfits?? Surely you must be. You must be. And, OK, yeah, there are a few other great reading/writing sites out there, including YA Highway, We Heart YA, Pen and Muse, Secret Life of Writers, The Writer Diaries, and YA Muses.

Plus, a couple of posts on publishing that I think are just excellent (and obviously posts on writing/editing can be found on my Writing Resources page):

Self-Publishing Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park
New Adult: The 2012 Edition by Diana Peterfreund
My Thoughts on Self-Publishing…For Whatever It’s Worth by Steph Campbell

Oh, and this post by Jae Dansie done during Pitch Wars? Basically made my life.

There will be more to come, but for now, enjoy the glory!