With apologies to my wonderful blog followers, I now post in so many places on the Internet that posts like these are probably going to become a lot more prevalent on The Daily Dahlia. Basically, I just don’t want any of my brilliance to get lost (and by brilliance I mean “mostly recs of other people’s brilliance”) and so here’s yet another post of what I’ve been posting! (Did that sort of exhaust you? It sort of exhausted me.)

Today, the fabulous ladies of Finding Bliss in Books have included me in their “Finding Swoons in Books” series, posted in honor of Valentine’s Day and including great posts by some seriously awesome authors. And me. Here’s mine, on my favorite kinds of YA romances and what books showcase them best, and there’s even a tiny snippet (read: most of a line) from Behind the Scenes!

Last week, the lovely Becky Wallace interviewed me as part of here series, “Editor’s Note.” You can see me there talking about working with my editor, how I revise, and what errors I see most often as a copy editor!

I’ve also got some new posts up on the B&N blog:

7 Great Young Adult Books for Music Lovers

7 of the Most Epic Romances in YA List

And the lovely MG Buehrlen interviewed me as part of her YA Authors As YAs series, so you can check that out here and enter to win a pre-order of Behind the Scenes!

And in fun life things, last week my fab friend KK Hendin and I went to a Q&A/signing at the Columbia University bookstore with Jennifer Armentrout (aka J. Lynn), Cora Carmack, and Jay Crownover. They had a lot of interesting stuff to stay on their books and upcoming projects, but here were my two favorite takeaways:

1) Every NA author, no matter how successful, has a little fear about breaking out of the mold of what have become the NA standard tropes. Thankfully, some are finally doing it anyway, and I personally can’t wait to see what NA looks like in 2014-15.

2) There comes a point where you realize that giving the readers what they want just isn’t sustainable. There are two big reasons for this:

A) Because writing what someone else wants, rather than what you want, devolves into the painful exercise of pulling teeth, and

B) Sometimes readers don’t realize they don’t really want what they think they do. A huge example of this: You think you want another book following the couple you just fell in love with. You don’t realize that means the couple will have to be broken up, in order to give them another story. You don’t really want them to break up, though, do you? Of course you don’t!

So, cool month so far, and hopefully it’ll continue to be as long as my flight to LA this week does not get canceled due to snow oh my God enough with the snow. I’ll spare you what I’ve been reading and writing because haha I’m obviously blogging about that later this month, so! How’s your February going so far?