This is an extra fun Top Ten Tuesday topic from The Broke and The Bookish for me because, well, I’m an author as well as a blogger and some of these are just friends I really want to hang out with and also to have sign my damn books already! I’ve been pretty blessed to meet a lot of my favorite authors already, but here are 10 I still haven’t and am dying to, in no particular order:

(Also, I’m sticking to authors who are already published, but I am very much dying to meet several of my friends in person who are debuting in 2016-17, including Emily Henry, Audrey Coulthurst, Paula Garner, Ashley Herring Blake, and Jeff Zentner, just to be clear. Get their books on your radar!)

1. Melina Marchetta. There is a terribly sad story in which one of my best friends moved from NYC to Atlanta, and I attended his goodbye party at a bar on 17th street. The next day, I found out Melina Marchetta, Kristin Cashore, and Gayle Forman had been doing an event I could’ve easily gone to from there just a few blocks away. Saddest thing ever.

2. Courtney Summers. In truth this would be horribly embarrassing from a “Years of fangirling” perspective, but Courtney is blessedly cool and pretends I’m not tremendously awkward, which is great. That would probably last…until we met.

3. Christa Desir. Christa is a lovely friend I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with on the phone, speaking with via email, speaking with via Twitter…and yet, still no in-person. I AM DETERMINED TO CHANGE THIS, especially since my copies of Fault Line and Bleed Like Me are begging to be signed.

4. Tess Sharpe. Another lovely friend with a fabulous book I am just impatiently waiting to come east…

5. Trish Doller. Trish is fabulous and I’m a huge fan of her books and she was kind enough to blurb Behind the Scenes and I’m so, so excited this is one that’s actually happening in the near future!

6. Abby McDonald, aka Abigail Haas. (See Courtney Summers.)

7. Hannah Moskowitz. This almost happened recently but alas did not, but I got all excited about it and now I’m just impatiently waiting for us to actually cross paths.

8. Justina Ireland. Justina’s just a badass, and someone I’m so happy is in my Twitter-life. I hear she’s equally fabulous in person and I am eager to put this to the test.

9. Anne Ursu. (See Justina Ireland.)

10. Sarah Ockler. You know the thing about Sarah Ockler? She’s pretty quietly written some really great marginalized characters and it really doesn’t get talked about, but I would so very much love to sit down and talk to her about someday. And maybe weep a little bit about Twenty Boy Summer.

11. Francesca Zappia. Just to give her a hug and make her skin crawl. It will be the best thing. Someday.