Books By and About People of Marginalized Races

This is very obviously a work in progress and a massively incomplete list, but if you’re looking for books both by and about people of marginalized races? Voila, a start, alphabetized by author’s last name within ethnicity. (Ethnicities are of MC, not of author, as specifically as I know them, but please tell me if you have more specific info. Most but not all of these books are #ownvoices. Feel free to contact me privately if you need further specification.)

This list is a melange largely designed to help buyers and bloggers support marginalized authors and perspectives, but sites that really specialize from an experienced perspective, check out:

Middle Grade

Black American


  • Front Desk by Kelly Yang (Chinese)




  • Bird by Crystal Chan


  • Bird by Crystal Chan


  • Bird by Crystal Chan (Jamaican+Mexican+White)


Young Adult


*Plus sequel(s)


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