Q03: Query History

(This question is part of a larger subseries called Perpetual WIPs: Agented Writers. For the remaining questions, see here.)

How many mss had you queried prior to the one that got your agent?


One, and it came very close for [my agent] too. She sent me a fantastic editorial letter for it, and I kind of beat my head against the wall b/c it was SO CLOSE. But we connected with my second manuscript, and she’s expressed she wants me to rewrite the first one b/c she really liked it so… yay!


None–this was the first one I wrote and the first one I queried.


Two, but the first one was NA before that concept even existed and despite the really nice responses, it was obvious before I’d even sent 10 queries that I shouldn’t bother, so that was brief. I queried the second one for over a year, though.


None. I wrote two books before this one but decided not to query them.


None. (as per multiple writers)


Two prior. This was the third.


Two, and with one of those I landed a different agent, though said agent shopped a third manuscript. The current ms that landed my new agent is my fourth that I’ve queried (7th I’ve written).


None, but I’d written two others before this one.


I’ve only written, in full, one ms and that was the one that landed an agent. Shocking, I know. Many writers I meet make it on their third or fourth ms. That said, [my ms] was not the first book I started writing or my first full book that I plot outlined. I had three WIPs to choose from and, looking at the trends of books on the shelves and from my personal marketing experience, decided to finish and query my horror first.


One- but it was a first effort and I really had no business querying it!



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