Blogging Policies

I blog for a few different places, all of which serve different functions and have different rules, so, here’s everything neatly all in one place!

The Daily Dahlia

Hi, you’re here! Thanks for coming! This is my personal blog, which means it’s sometimes about me and my books, and it’s also largely about publishing, which is a big area of interest of mine, and also what I do for a living. All interviews and guest posts are solicited by me, and the very few cover reveals I do are for good friends. Basically, please don’t e-mail me to be included in anything on this blog, unless you already know we are very good friends and I’ve basically told you My Blog is Your Blog.

Barnes & Noble Teen Blog

I’m so excited to be involved with B&N’s Teen Blog, and to continue to do a lot of the same kinds of posts I was doing for the main blog, plus a bunch more. However, I do not have approval over interviews and/or guest posts; all pitches must go to the BNTeens editor, Melissa Albert. (She’s the one behind the @BNTeens Twitter account, if you need to get in touch!)

I’m more than happy to be contacted about receiving ARCs/books from publicists, but please note I can in no way guarantee a review or inclusion in a post. 

Also please note that I only blog for the Teen Blog; any adult books are completely wasted on me. (NA is still welcome as long as you understand that any promotion of them will be independent of BN Teens; I just personally love to read and promote them.)

Cover reveals: If you’d like to reveal your YA cover on the B&N Teen Blog, please contact the blog’s editor, Melissa Albert. Also, note that in order to be considered, you must adhere to all four of the following guidelines:

  • Your cover reveal must be exclusive
  • You must be traditionally published
  • You must provide a guest post by absolute latest two days before your reveal
  • Your book must be available for preorder on without your cover

Trailer reveals: We no longer do trailer reveals at B&N Teen Blog.

Please understand that you will be responsible for the post accompanying your reveal; I only write the intros. It’s not a must that you get me the ARC in advance of your post, but it’s always preferred for intro-writing purposes.

Interviews/guest posts: These are almost entirely handpicked by the B&N editors, based on books/authors we love, so the best thing you can do is just say yes if you’re asked! However, if you’re an author and you’d like to pitch a guest post that’s in line with our content, please do so to Melissa Albert via your publicist at least two weeks in advance of your publication date. Thanks!


You can see those policies here.

YA Misfits

I’m also the guest post coordinator for YA Misfits, so if you’d like to guest post, please feel free to contact me directly. Here are the policies for that:

Writing Club Wednesdays: We accept one guest post per month, to go up the second Wednesday of said month. Priority will go to authors with books to promote, and authors of all pub paths are welcome, as long as the books are YA.

Band Geek Thursdays: These are open to any and all authors, as long as the playlist is for a YA book. They go up every Thursday, as long as we have a playlist, which you can create in Grooveshark or Spotify.

Casual Fridays: These are our free-for-all days, so if you’d like to be interviewed, do a giveaway, or do a cover reveal, Friday’s the day! Please note that we can only honor so many requests, but again, all pub paths are welcome, as long as your book is YA.

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