Greetings from the quiet place that is my blog! Of course, most if not all of you know that I’m actually blogging all the time.

Currently, it’s preview season on B&N Teen Blog, which means you can find new posts by me, Melissa Albert, and Sona Charaipotra that are packed with titles to get excited about for the new year.

Thankfully, LGBTQReads has been thriving this year, even getting out a shoutout in the New York Times, thanks to the lovely Becky Albertalli, and I’m excited to share that it’s being archived by the Library of Congress as part of their LGBTQ+ Studies Web Archive!

And this year, I picked up a new blogging spot called Frolic, where I get to flex my Romance muscles!

I also got to go to some fun events, including my very first FlameCon (as press) and my first Jewish Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Seminar (as a panelist on publicity), and finally meet my favorite author (who also wrote my favorite book of the year – seriously, if you haven’t read Sadie by Courtney Summers yet, fix that!) I moderated some great panels/launches featuring rock stars like Katherine Locke, Kheryn Callender, Heidi Heilig, Zoraida Cordova, Lev Rosen, and Lauren Spieller, and wow yeah, speaking of books you should buy if you haven’t yet!! and got to do a panel with my All Out editor, Saundra Mitchell, and co-contributor Kody Keplinger!


Aaaand that’s most of what’s been up this year, because I also moved into a new house, had my baby turn into a toddler, am still at my dayjob as a math editor, and I’ve been writing lots of things that will hopefully turn into books you can hold in the future, but we all know there’s no guarantee of that, so, whee, publishing!

BUT, here’s one thing you will be able to hold, and that’s the last thing I’ve been working on this year: His Hideous Heart! My Edgar Allan Poe anthology officially has a pub date of September 24, 2019, and is now available for preorder!

That’s it for me for now! Stay tuned for a special cover reveal (not mine!) on the blog tomorrow, more news on His Hideous Heart and It’s a Whole Spiel as I have it, and lots more in the future!