Out on Good Behavior is out today!! Probably on not such great behavior, if I’m being honest. But whatever, IT’S HERE. This is so bittersweet for me, because I’ve spent three years with the Radleigh girls and it sucks to say goodbye, but I’m so excited about the note I’m leaving them on. Out on Good Behavior is fun and fluffy and sexy and so rainbow-y, and it’s my first book that’s truly all about the romance. Sure, it’s a little light on plot, but I assure you, there is a lot of making out, so let’s call it even?

If you’d like to buy it, here, lemme make that easier for you! (And thank you!)

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So, one thing you’ll notice in the book is that Samara’s a huge YA/NA fan, kiiiinda like her creator 😉 But – and if you read Right of First Refusal, you’ll recognize this move (yes, it was All the Rage and Things We Can’t Forget/Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks series) referenced there – she never calls the books she talks about by name. To that end, I’ve created a little contest:

All you have to do is email me a list of as many books as you can from Samara’s references by July 5th, and the winner (international!) will take home everything in this pic:


(That’s a paperback of Out on Good Behavior, an “Art Supplies”-print pencil case; a signed Radleigh bookmark you can’t see even if you’re not visually impaired, because I haven’t learned how to block out the sun when I take pictures; lip balms printed with the covers of each of the Radleigh books; a pair of socks that say “Screwing up is part of the program”; three Radleigh University pins plus a fourth that says “The Path to Love Isn’t Always Straight”; a Girls’ Night Out fabric flask with a shot glass cap; and Pancakes & Maple Syrup Jelly Bellys!)

Nothing else is required, though obviously sharing this post/release news/the LWaT sale etc. and of course reviewing the book are always appreciated!

Thank you so much for celebrating with me! xoxo