So, as you may have noticed, I didn’t actually post anything on this blog last week when my newest YA, Just Visiting, which is very dear to my heart, released, in part because I was super busy, but mostly because due to some snafu I didn’t know about until a couple of days earlier and hoped I’d be able to get fixed but couldn’t, the Kindle release was pushed to November 24, i.e. today, a week after the actual release date.

Today, the book is finally and completely out everywhere possible, so, YAY, happy release day to Reagan and Victoria and Just Visiting and me!

Barnes & Noble * Amazon * The Book Depository * Books of Wonder (signed!)

I did, however, have my most official celebration last Thursday at Books of Wonder, along with three of my dear writer friends: Gina Ciocca, author of Last Year’s Mistake and my critique partner of three years (who announced a brand-new book deal at the party!); Lindsay Smith, author of Sekret, SkandalDreamstrider, and next year’s A Darkly Beating Heart, as well as my accountabilibuddy; and Jessica Verdi, author of My Life After Now, The Summer I Wasn’t Me, and What You Left Behind, and one of my personal favorite members of the NYC YA author community.

(Clockwise from top left: Poster at Books of Wonder, amazing college-theme decor/refreshments provided by my husband, me with the glorious Natasha of Book Baristas, me and my sis, and me with Lindsay and Ellen Goodlett posing with the Dreamstrider dedication page (and invoking the spirit of Leah Raeder)

It was such a fun night, and I appreciate so much everyone who came from near and far, especially in the rain! (Shoutout to Conviction author Kelly Loy Gilbert for coming while she’s in NYC and signing my copy of her amazing book!)

Other fun stuff:

My amazing CP Marieke Nijkamp, author of This is Where it Ends, interviewed me for the lovely Judith of Binge on Books’ Authors Interviewing Authors series, so you can check that out here and see which of my characters from across my books I think would’ve made some bad decisions together.

And speaking of interviews, the delightful Alice of Alice Reeds interviewed me as well.

I wrote a post for the B&N Teen Blog about friendship and the various kinds of representation in Just Visiting, and where else in YA you can find it.

The fabulous Rachel of Hello, Chelly wrote a great post about how she personally connected with Just Visiting, as did the wonderful Alexa of Alexa Loves Books.

The magical Natasha of Book Baristas and Sil of The Book Voyagers made me beautiful Book Blitz posts and this graphic I love:


Finally, I joined in the Novel Secrets Blog Tour and shared why Just Visiting is set in Kansas, and how the same person who inspired the setting inspired the character of Jamie.

All in all, some good celebrating! Thank you so much to everyone who wished well, congratulated on the book birthday, came to the party, wrote a review, interviewed me, wrote a blog post, shared their love, and everything else! <3<3<3