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Here are things you should know about the characters I love to write:

They are flawed, and they are real, and they are strong not because they wield weapons but because they survive and thrive in a world that doesn’t always feel meant for them. They might suck at communicating, or caretaking, or even basic human decency, but hell, so do I. And I want to write characters who feel like me, and I want read characters who feel like me. I want to read characters who screw up, who are sex-positive but make mistakes in that arena too, who value friends but don’t always recognize when those relationships are toxic, who are jealous, who know sometimes they look good, who know sometimes they don’t, who are people people people above all else people.

A few things are happening for me right now in book life:

1. As you may have seen, I sold another book, called Just Visiting, and it’s one I really, really love, and yes, it’s about two girls who are wonderful best friends and also sometimes suck at it. In case you missed the full description, it’s up on Goodreads now. It’s a fun book, but it’s also a little heavier, and a little darker, and a lot less romance-focused (though there is definitely romance), and it’s really not like my other books, and I hope you guys like it.

2. Last Will and Testament is on sale for 99 cents through April 8 (and won’t be again in the foreseeable future), so if you haven’t bought it yet and you’d like to, now’s an excellent time! (And I even have a pretty little graphic made by, duh, Maggie Hall.)

LWaT99cSale(1)Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Smashwords | Kobo

3. Under the Lights is somewhat out in the world! A few trusted bloggers have already received ARCs, and they should be available for wider distribution very, very soon! It’s been really fun sending swag packs all over the world to those of you who’ve preordered, so, reminder that if you preorder, I’ll happily send you one too!

But OK, enough about that! Those are my books, and I’m psyched about them, but I am also verrrrry psyched to talk about some other books I love, and which I’m giving away along with some awesome stuff. CHECK IT OUT, (bearing with my horrible phone photography):

*This particular giveaway is US only because the shipping costs for this would be absolutely horrific. However, if you’re international, you can enter for the bookmarks and the ebook of your choice from any of the titles mentioned below (including The Start of Me and You and Black Iris).

IMG_1967(1) FullSizeRender IMG_2526 IMG_1974

So, what are you looking at?

1. A hardcover of Love & Other Theories by Alexis Bass, a contemporary that released last year and which I loved, about both the magic and toxicity of best friend groups in high school and trying to be things we aren’t to please each other, and how we sometimes think we’re breaking molds when we’re actually just fitting ourselves into different ones.

2. A signed ARC of Making Pretty by Corey Ann Haydu, one of my favorite new contemp authors. This book comes out in May and it is an utterly fantastic homage to New York City and complicated relationships and everything Corey does so freaking well.

3. A signed hardcover of Open Road Summer by Emery Lord, which would look utterly lovely next to a hardcover of her brand spanking new release (March 31), The Start of Me and You, which you should obviously be buying. Reagan may have her issues, but the friendship she has with Dee is nothing short of inspiring, I love how the two of them support each other and help each other grow.

4. A signed paperback of Last Will and Testament, my New Adult novel with a maybe not-so-likable heroine, but one who definitely gets things done and has some fabulous friends, though they may all be works-in-progress.

5. An Unteachable bookmark signed by Leah Raeder, because Maise is one of my all-time favorite NA heroines, who knows what she wants and goes for it, and is sexy as hell and knows it, and above all, makes her own fate.

6. A The Art of Lainey bookmark signed by Paula Stokes, because Lainey is a strong, passionate, real girl who gets felled by the same kind of crap that screws us all, but takes matters into her own hands to take control of her life.

7. A Behind the Scenes bookmark signed by me, because why not.

8. An Unlikable Heroine IRL T-shirt (available in either M or L), which, sorry, this is a terrible picture of, but I forgot to take a decent one before I left for work today, and this is what was on my phone. Anyway, it’s a freaking great shirt, designed by Leah Raeder (author of the aforementioned Unteachable and the upcoming and utterly excellent Black Iris), and very limited numbers exist in this universe!

So. What do you have to do to win this awesomeness? I’m kinda done bothering with Rafflecopter, so I’m just gonna tell you what I want, and when I pick a winner, I’m just going to look for myself to confirm you’ve done at least four of these five things:

1. Sign up for Courtney Summers’ Thunderclap #ToTheGirls

2. Follow at least three of the authors mentioned above (including Courtney Summers) on Twitter and/or Facebook and/or Instagram and/or Tumblr.

3. Leave a review for literally any book authored by a woman on Amazon and/or B&N. Doesn’t have to be one of the ones mentioned above, but it does have to be on one of those two sites, and at least one of the POVs of the book has to be female. (Transgirl POV included, of course, which in my mind goes without saying, but just in case it does need to be said.)

4. Share this giveaway on some social media site. I don’t care which one as long as it links back here!

5. Leave a comment below telling me which of the above you’ve done and a book authored by a woman that you’re looking forward to in 2015.

I’ll announce a winner on April 16, once Passover is done and I can eat doughnuts again. Thank you in advance for being awesome ❤