So, you know how I sold three books to Patricia Riley at Spencer Hill Contemporary a couple of years ago, and one of them is out (“And you can buy it!” she said shamelessly), and one of them is coming out in June, (“And you can preorder it!” she said shamelessly), and the third is coming at some point in the future (“And can be added on Goodreads!” she said shamelessly)? And you know how I absolutely love Patricia Riley? And you see that blog post title?

(You have probably now figured out where I’m going with this.)

Just Visiting is going to be published by Spencer Hill Contemporary!

Guys, I am excited about this. I love this book. I don’t even know how to tell you how much. I can only tell you that this book freaking clawed its way out into the world, shredding my heart into a billion pieces in the process. I wrote this book because I felt like I kept seeing YAs about frenemies over and over and over (bear in mind this was 2012-3 and there have been some really fantastic friendships in YA books since then, but at the time, man, I was feeling really low on this front), and I just wanted to write something about two friends who wholly support and love each other, even if their pairing doesn’t make sense, even if they’re as different as people can be, even if they have secrets.

I sat on this book through over a year of hearing “We need books that show sex-positivity and consent and agency and contraception” and thought, “I have one I really, really wish I could show you.”

I sat on this book through over a year of hearing “We need diverse characters who aren’t cookie cutter, who aren’t stereotypes,” and thought, “I have one I really, really wish I could show you.”

I wrote a post called “The First Time I Didn’t Write a Me,” about the experience of finally pushing past my own insecurities and fears of writing diversity as a cis-het white lady to create Victoria, and thought, “I really, really want you to meet her.”

I listened to my CPs and Fabulous Agent Lana Popovic tell me how wonderful it was, to my husband walk in to our apartment the day he started reading and say, “I get it. I know you said that this feels like a different level than Behind the Scenes for you, and I didn’t really know what you meant. Then I started it and I got it immediately.”

A year later, it was really, really hard to think that Just Visiting might actually be…just visiting. But I’d already sold three books to Spencer Hill and I thought “Okay, that’s already a ton with one publisher; I should try something else.” But something else didn’t quite work, and somewhere along the way I gave it to Patricia to read, just for fun.

And because we are extremely professional, as we have proven, five minutes of texting turned “Here’s something for you to read when you’re bored this weekend” into “Lauren* and I both love this and need this and can this be an official sub?”

*Lauren being Associate Editor Lauren Meinhardt, who is utterly fantastic, just FYI.

So, that’s the long-winded story of how I secretly found a new Book of My Heart even after selling the older one, and now both are gonna be published, both by Spencer Hill, both edited by Lauren and Patricia, and basically, I’m just really damn excited about it.

And I’m really, really glad I get to show you. I hope you guys love this book as much as I do, and you’ll find out soon enough, because that November 17, 2015 pub date I’ve been leaving up on Goodreads for My Name is Everett? Has secretly belonged to Just Visiting for a while. (MNIE will still be published, but hopefully in the spring of 2016.)

P.S. Just Visiting also happens to have a beautiful cover already, compliments of none other than Maggie Hall, and I can’t wait to show you that either!