Happy 7th night of Chanukah!

So, here’s the deal with those things we light on Chanukah:

1) They’re called menorahs*

2) They have 8 candleholders that are all the same height, each for a different night of Chanukah, and one that rises above the rest

3) That highest one is for the “Shamash,” the candle we use to light the other candles.

*They’re actually called “Chanukiyot” – a menorah only has 6+1 candleholders – but it’s the word from the bible and therefore what was put in common parlance

For tonight’s giveaway, which is all about NA love, your Shamash is an Amazon and/or B&N review.

Below are 8 NA ebooks. You are eligible to win 7 of them. In order to “light” the 7 you’re entering to win, you must post a link to an e-tailer review of the 8th. (If you haven’t read any yet, pick one and get cracking – not picking a winner until January 1!) You can’t win the one you’re posting a review for, because duh, you’ve obviously already read it.

The 8 Books Are:

Swimming to Tokyo by Brenda St. John Brown

Make it Count or Make it Right by Megan Erickson

If Only or What If by AJ Pine

Come Back to Texas or A Different Kind of Fine by KK Hendin

French Kissed by Chanel Cleeton

Everly After by Rebecca Paula

More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs

Starstruck or Show Stopper by Riley Edgewood

Every review you post = one entry, but also renders you ineligible to win that book, because me burning money is dumb. However, if the winner has posted more than one review, (s)(t)he(y) will win a copy of my NA, Last Will and Testament. If you own that too, you win a preorder of either Make it Last by Megan Erickson or More Than Comics by Elizabeth Briggs – your choice.

Light ’em up!