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Hi, boys and girls and non-binary people, and Happy Chanukah! I know it’s a really big thing in December to do giveaways because of Christmas and whatever, but surprise! I am super totally Jewish, and so this year, I am doing an 8 Days of Chanukah giveaway instead – yes, 8 days of bookish awesomeness.

This first day of Chanukah, I’m kicking it off with a freaking awesome ARC: The Devil You Know by Trish Doller. Those who are already familiar with Trish and her books (and if you’re not, learn more here!) will not be disappointed – it’s got all the same kickass sex-positivity, atmosphere, and solid writing you’re used to, with a bonus that it’s thrilling and extra badass. Reading about sociopaths has totally become my crack, and this fed into that in the best way.

Every book I give away will come with a bookmark it’s been paired with for a Reason. In this case, The Devil You Know comes with a signed bookmark from Behind the Scenes, because Trish was fabulous enough to blurb it, and that was pretty freaking awesome.

All 8 Days of Chanukah Giveaway winners will be chosen on January 1, and all giveaways are international.

Click here to enter the giveaway for an ARC of The Devil You Know!