Hey hey, Cuddlebuggery bloghoppers, and welcome to The Daily Dahlia! I’m Dahlia Adler, and I do both the Author and Blogger thing. My debut, a Contemporary YA Hollywood Romance called Behind the Scenes, released from Spencer Hill in June, and the follow-up, Under the Lights, releases this coming June. In between, I’m self-publishing my first NA, Last Will and Testament, and after all of that, a year from now, I’ll be releasing a standalone Contemp YA, My Name is Everett, also with Spencer Hill. So, all that’s fun!

On the blogging side, I blog here, obviously, but also at YA Misfits and for the Barnes & Noble book blog. Probably the coolest part about blogging is getting to interview some awesome authors, and it’s cool to see how far I’ve come, personally, since I was absolutely terrified to contact one of my all-time favorites. (Not at all far, by the way. It still scares the crap out of me.)

I was going to share 5 things from my bucket list, because I feel like those are good ways to get to know people, but a cool thing that’s happened at some point in life is realizing that I’ve actually done a lot of the big things on that list. So instead, here are 5 things I’ve done from my bucket list!

1) See my book in a bookstore

2) Go to Istanbul (went on my honeymoon)

3) Get paid to blog (see above)

4) Meet my CPs in person

5) Live somewhere other than NY or Israel (I lived in Philly for 3 years)

And now, my giveaways!

In honor of Author Me, I’m doing the very obvious thing of giving away my book of your choice. The winner can choose between:

  • a signed paperback of Behind the Scenes (US)
  • a signed paperback of Last Will and Testament (US)
  • ebooks of both (US/INT)
  • a paperback preorder of Under the Lights (US)


another super important part of Author Me is my seriously intense love for my critique partners and accountabilibuddy, so to that end, I’m doing a second giveaway. The winner (INT, assuming they’re all on The Book Depository) can choose between:

In the spirit of Blogger me, I’m giving away two books that bookend (see what I did there?) that experience for me. My very first “holy crap holy crap I can’t believe I’m interviewing her holy crap” post was with the utterly fabulous Courtney Summers, so I’m giving away What Goes Around, which contains both of my favorite books of hers. My last one, for B&N, was with A.S. King, on Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future, so I’m giving away that ARC.

As usual (now you’re really getting to know me!), I’m actually typing this post on a deadline and have to run before Jewish Sabbath starts (yes, that’s how much you’re getting to know me), so, no time to do the Rafflecopter thing. Just leave a comment telling me something you’ve achieved on your bucket list, and which prize you’re entering for. You can leave multiple bucket list items to enter multiple giveaways, so up to 4!

Looking forward to getting to know more of you soon!