LastWillandTestamentCoverHighResHey! I’m publishing a NA novel called Last Will and Testament soon, and here’s an excerpt from it, because I am terrible at making those pretty photo teasers:

When class ends, I make my way up to the front of the room, to where Connor is gathering up his things. It takes him a moment to see me, and when he does, he greets me with a brief, tight smile I’m not sure how to take.

I take a deep breath. “Hey, so, I’m really sorry, but I can’t make it to your office on Friday. I have to go to a parent-teacher conference at Max’s school. Is there any chance we can reschedule?”

“Sure,” he says with a shrug. “When did you have in mind?”

“Whenever. Not like I have loads of plans lately. Unless you count making mac ’n cheese with bacon bits for dinner tonight. According to my brothers, those are pretty much the most important plans in the universe.”

“Totally understandable. That was always one of my favorites too.” His fond grin makes his eyes crinkle in the corners, and I really, really hate that I ever noticed what a beautiful blue they were, because now I can’t stop seeing it. “Man, it’s been a while.”

“Do you wanna come?” I offer, a second before I realize how weird that invitation is. Ugh, hanging around Connor has made me fucking awkward. Of course he doesn’t want to come to dinner with me and my little brothers. Even Cait wouldn’t want to come to dinner with me and my little brothers.

“You sure your brothers wouldn’t mind sharing?”

“Huh?” It takes me a few seconds to process that he actually said yes, and then another couple to realize I’m way too excited about that fact. “I mean, no, of course not. I make a ton, and I owe you something for all your efforts.” This all, at least, is true.

He smiles again, and I do not appreciate the way my body reacts to it at all. Clearly, the sexual deprivation of the past few weeks is getting to me. “You don’t,” he says with an un-Connor-like dose of warmth, “but I’ll take you up on it anyway, if it’s a real invitation. Haven’t had home-cooked food in a while.”

That makes me strangely sad, even though I rarely did either, before my brothers moved in with me. I mean, I had it at home, when my mom was making it, but obviously, those days are over. “It’s a real invitation,” I assure him, hoping my face doesn’t look as hot as it feels. Because it sorta feels like I just asked my very proper TA on a date. With my brothers. Because I am insane. And now I need to make an awkward joke, because it’s all that will keep me from sinking into the floor. “Wear a suit. My brothers and I are very formal.”

“Then I can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing,” he jokes back, which only makes my face burn hotter. At least this time, his flames too. “I…did not mean that the way it sounded.”

I can’t help laughing. At least I’m not the only ragingly awkward one. “I should hope not. That’s a pretty terrible pick-up line.” Only, maybe it isn’t, because suddenly what I’ll be wearing is all I can think about. Which is crazy, because this is not a date. And this is Connor Lawson. He’s probably saving his virginity for the third rise of Constantinople.

Not that I’m thinking about sleeping with him, obviously. That would be certifiable.

Am I certifiable?

“Lizzie, are you okay?”

Crap. “Sorry,” I mumble. “Just got a little distracted thinking about salad. You know, want to make sure everyone’s getting their vegetables.”

You, Lizzie Brandt, are a fucking idiot.

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT releases on December 9, 2014. If you’ve got a Kindle, you can pre-order it now and I will love you forever!