This week has been completely and totally wonderful, for which there are so, so many people to thank. So much love for everyone who participated in the #BtSWeek bloghop, and I strongly encourage everyone to check out their posts, because A) they’re amazing and B) I learned a ton of new stuff about people I talk to every day, and a lot of it was pretty damn cool.

BehindtheScenesBlogTour3(1)First up, the YA Buccaneers, who are so amazing that they dedicated the entire week to sharing Behind the Scenes looks at their writing spaces! (Was also lucky enough to hang out with three different Buccaneers this week – thanks so much to Ghenet Myrthil, Kathryn Holmes, and Ellen Goodlett for coming out to my launch party!)

Speaking of the YABs, Ghenet did her own post here, on my launch party, and Kathryn did one on dance! (And not a Buccaneer, but Lauren Spieller wrote a post on my launch party too!)

Me and MagsWas so, so cool to go behind the scenes of authors’ other talents, including the Serengard series author Rachel O’Laughlin’s songwriting, THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION author Julie Sondra Decker’s webcomics, and WHAT HAPPENS IN WATER author Diana Gallagher’s gymnastics! And prepare to be floored by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn’s art, and by blogger Jenny‘s knitting!

And of course, some posts took us behind the scenes of processes and writing spaces, like Melissa Carpenter’s, my CP and author of LAST YEAR’S MISTAKE Gina Ciocca’s, THE FUNERAL SINGER author Linda Budzinski’s, and AN UNSTILL LIFE author Kate Larkindale’s. There’s even one from the bloggers at Fic-Talk!

Author (and my pub-sister!) Liza Wiemer shared a behind the scenes look at her 2015 debut, HELLO? and is giving away a copy of Behind the Scenes! And author KK Hendin’s giving up a behind the scenes look at her upcoming book…about which I know nothing that isn’t in this post!

A couple of intrepid posters led us behind the scenes of their work lives, like Adrianne Russell and Chmacaronsristina of Allodoxophobia, and one set of sisters (including the lovely Tawney Bland!) shared a behind the scenes look at being twins!

Meanwhile, Elodie Nowodazkij, whose debut YA, ONE, TWO, THREE, released yesterday(!!!), wrote an incredibly lovely post about working together on this very book in Pitch Wars, and Amy Trueblood did a fun look back behind the scenes of her W.O.W. series, back when I participated!

Rektok Ross of the Examiner did this cool post with me on 5 TV shows on Ally and Van’s Must Watch List.

My wonderful publicist Patrice put together this post “7 Things J’Adore About Behind the Scenes“…and sent amazing macarons to my launch party!

A few wonderful people – Kissed by Ink blogger Amy; my former colleague, Danielle Poiesz; and my blogging sisters, the YA Misfits, wrote some incredibly sweet posts celebrating my release.

And finally, while I so, so greatly appreciate everyone reviewing Behind the Scenes, and I know authors should stay away from said reviews, this one just so clearly needed to be shared: Real Men Read YA

So, that’s everyone else and their awesome contributions to #BtSWeek! Now here are a few of mine:

Dear Diary: It’s Real – a guest post for the Writer Diaries, and yes, I  cried while writing it.

Me and LindsBehind the Scenes with Debut YA Author” – an oversharey but hopefully encouraging post I wrote for B&N

I shared the playlist for Behind the Scenes on YA Misfits for Band Geek Thursday!

This isn’t really my contribution so much as the utterly wonderful Becky Albertalli’s, but I’m honored to have had her be the Fearless Fifteener who interviewed me for their blog to celebrate the release!

Of course, I wrote a post for OneFourKidLit, the debut group that’s taught me a ton and just been generally awesome as needed. Bourbon and douGinaghnuts for all ❤

And finally, my own posts on this very blog, covering all the stuff going on pre-release, the day of the launch party, and pub day itself. You can check those out for links to any interviews or guest posts you may have missed!

Thanks so much to everyone who tweeted congratulations and/or Goodreads/buy links, emailed, came to my party (special shoutouts to Maggie Hall and Lindsay Smith, who came from far away and got stuck spending lots ‘o time with me <3), sent wonderful gifts (see pic to the right, with massive love to Gina Ciocca), participated in the blog hop, borrowed/bought/read/reviewed the book…ugh, just everything. You guys are freaking great. Thank you ❤

And, of course, if you still wanna buy it, here’s where you can do that:

Amazon * Barnes & Noble * The Book Depository * Books of Wonder (For a signed copy)