Okay, yes, I know my book doesn’t come out until tomorrow, and that’s actually sort of arbitrary since it’s already out in the wild, but IT’S MY LAUNCH PARTY DAY and I am very excited about that!

For those in the NYC area, I’d love love love to see you at the party tonight! And there will be cake!

If you can’t make it but want a signed copy, you can order them through the store: http://www.booksofwondershop.com/behindthescenes.aspx

If you ordered a copy from elsewhere and want a signed bookplate, just email me with your address and I’ll be happy to send! (And if you ordered an ebook, there’s a link to Authorgraph in my blog’s margin; just head on over there!)

If you can’t make it to the party, don’t worry – there are still plenty of other places to celebrate me 🙂 (YOU ARE SO LUCKY, I KNOW.) This week, a bunch of friends will be participating in a BEHIND THE SCENES BLOG HOP, with “behind the scenes” posts from their lives, and I’ll be sharing them as they happen (including adding some to this post from today!), so make sure you check ’em out!

Here’s the first one, from the lovely Jenny of Reading on the Farm! Go behind the scenes of her knitting process! (And enter to win the ebook she’s super generously giving away!)

And here’s one from the awesome ladies at YA Buccaneers, the first of a weeklong(!) series of posts behind the scenes of where they write!

And, of course, I continue to be on the Internet a lot, so, in addition to everything I’ve listed here (including some still-happening giveaways!) make sure you hit up:

My Giveaways of Gratitude

Dear YA Author: The Dear Dahlz June Edition – Hosted by my dear author friend, Ami Allen-Vath, this series allowed me to give potentially terrible answers to actual teens asking life advice from YA authors. There’s a giveaway for a signed copy, too! (US only)

Totally unrelated to my book, I had another fun post on the B&N blog recently, so, just in case you’ve missed it in my raging maelstrom of self-promotion: 15 Signs You Read Too Much YA

Dear Diary: It’s Real – my guest post for The Writer Diaries

And if you missed the awesome Twitter Party hosted for me by the fabulous Rebecca of Reading Wishes, you can still check out on the #BtSParty hashtag on Twitter!

Keep checking here for new Behind the Scenes posts up today, and if you didn’t sign up to participate in the blog hop but want to, just e-mail me and I’ll send you all the necessary info! xoxo