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FireShot Screen Capture #039 - 'YA Misfits (YAMisfits) on Twitter' - twitter_com_YAMisfitsSix days and counting until Behind the Scenes emerges into the world!

Well, unless you count that my dear friend Sara Taylor Woods already spotted it at Barnes & Noble yesterday.

And apparently everyone who’s ordered from BN.com has already received it. (Thanks, Sara Biren!)

And obviously there have been ARCs out for months.

And my launch party is actually the night before the book releases.

So, yeah! June 24 is coming up! Big day, amirite?

(Please still be excited on June 24, even if you’ve already had my book in your hands for long enough to read it twice.)


It’s a really, really long process from when a book gets written until it shows up in your mailbox or on a shelf. And sometimes, during that process, you’re liable to go a little crazy. And sometimes, during that process, you write another book, or two, or three, or four, and those need attention too. And sometimes, during that process, really good things happen, and you want to squee about them with people who’ll be just as happy as you will. And sometimes, during that process, you want to read manuscripts that are so good, so awe inspiring, that you remember how incredibly privileged you are to be a member of this community.

And that’s when having the world’s greatest CPs come in handy.

To that end, today’s giveaway is dedicated to mine. I’ve been absurdly lucky to have so many fantastic people beta read my books, and even exchange with me. Shoutouts to everyone who’s ever read my work, given me phenomenal notes, shown me encouragement, and helped me rip my work apart. A bunch of them are acknowledged in Behind the Scenes, and future books will have a whole lot of people acknowledged in them as well.

But today is about the three people in my life who read everything I do – who’ve read not only Behind the Scenes, but The Book of Esther, Just Visiting, Last Will and Testament, (in two cases) Once You Go Greek, (in two cases) My Name is Everett, (in one case) my unfinished chick lit which doesn’t even really have a working title, and a partial of Under the Lights.

All in the past two years.

So, yeah, they’re pretty freaking special, and on top of that, they’re pretty freaking talented, too. And the awesome thing is that two of them are getting published next yearand you may recognize the third, whose books are freaking epic, from her tremendous contributions to diversity in kidlit. As in, if you were at this year’s BookCon, you saw her sitting on the freaking #WeNeedDiverseBooks panel.

Like I said – pretty freaking special.

To that end, I’m giving away:

1 preorder* of LAST YEAR’S MISTAKE by Gina Ciocca, mistress of kissing, respecter of the fluff, changer of the way you will view saltwater taffy forever (US only)

*To be ordered as soon as book is available for preorder

(Enter here)

1 preorder of THE CONSPIRACY OF US by Maggie Hall, international traveler, expert swordswoman, my personal graphic designer extraordinaire (US only)

(Enter here)

1 copy of FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK by Melina Marchetta, in honor of the fabulous Marieke Nijkamp, critiquer to the stars, destroyer of souls via tragic contemp, and person who made me read FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK (open internationally)

(Enter here)

Go forth and show my CPs some love! (And yes, you can enter all three!)