unnamedHey, guys! Did you know I wrote a book? I did. It’s called Behind the Scenes, and it comes out on June 24. Yay! (You can read more about here and even pre-order it and stuff. That’d be awesome. Thanks <3)

June 24 is sort of far away, though (it actually isn’t, which makes me want to hurl a little bit, but let’s not go there right now), and who wants to wait that long for anything, right? Right. Waiting is for suckers.

Thankfully, I have Advanced Readers Copies now, and I’m giving one away – whee! And, because I think annotated ARCs are basically the most awesome form of swag ever, the ARC I’m giving away here is gonna be full of notes from moi on all the fun stuff that went on – wait for it…


Because obvious pun is obvious, and also, don’t you want to know the only thing that got cut from this book? And what part of it is ripped off my real life? And what songs go with which scenes? And SO MANY MORE THOUGHTS AND THINGS?

So, between now and midnight EST on April 23, you can enter HERE to win an ARC of Behind the Scenes full of my serial killer handwriting! Go forth and Rafflecopt! (US/Canada only, unfortunately!!)

And whether you’re entering or not, planning to read it or not – to everyone out there who’s just been fabulously supportive – thank you ❤