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Guys. GUYS. GUYYYYYYYSSSSS. Today is so monumental, you don’t even freaking know.

995754_10102110975614749_1418036855_n<–That’s me and my CP Gina, a little less than a year ago, just before she had her adorable baby. But a year before that birth, I got to meet another of Gina’s creations, the incredibly amazing contemp YA romance, LAST YEAR’S MISTAKE.

Now, to say I fell in love with it would be a total understatement. Here are three facts about LYM:

1) To this day, it’s literally the only manuscript I’ve read (not beta’d) twice

2) It’s the first manuscript I ever read where I thought “I wish I’d written that”

3) It is really, really difficult to read it and ever think of saltwater taffy the same way again afterward ❤

Basically, I love this book, and its author, so, so freaking much, and if I were better at gifs and less afraid of copyright violation, this post would be flashing (mostly with pics of biceps and the hotness that is Sean Faris) like whoa. But instead I’m just going to tell you that:

You need this book.

You should be incredibly envious that I’ve already read it.


Thankfully, a certain publisher felt the same way and decided to spare you a lifetime of LYM-less misery:

FireShot Screen Capture #055 - 'Rights Report_ Week of March 31, 2014' - www_publishersweekly_com_pw_by-topic_childrens_childrens-book-news_article_61668-rights-report-week-of-march-31-2014_htmlLAST YEAR’S MISTAKE by Gina Ciocca is going to be published by Simon Pulse in 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all my fellow fans of contemporary YA romance, this one is going to be your newest bookshelf staple like YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. I cannot cannot cannot WAIT for you to meet Kelsey and David and David’s biceps and also David and see what I mean about saltwater taffy and laugh and cry and melt just completely and totally fall head over heels in love the way I did. You know that manuscript you side-eye forever because you just know it’s going to be a book someday, even though actual facts seem to be trying to tell you you’re wrong, which makes ABSOLUTELY ZERO SENSE BECAUSE IT IS LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER READ? That is LAST YEAR’S MISTAKE. That is the book you’re going to hold in your hands next year. That is the book I fell in love with two years ago, and that is the book I am so, so excited to shove in everyone’s hands the second it’s humanly possible.

I will leave it to Gina to share the incredible story of how LAST YEAR’S MISTAKE came to find its perfect, perfect home with Sara Sargent and Simon Pulse, but needless to say (even though I said it a lot in this really wordy post) I could not. Freaking. Be happier.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a two-book deal? (JK, I know I didn’t. BUT IT IS.) As someone who has read three other G books since, let me tell you, whatever that second book ends up being, it will be hilarious, awesome, possibly a little dirty, and definitely have some of the greatest kissing ever. Because that’s just how she rolls.

I cannot wait for the rest of the world to see and know it too ❤

So do yourself a favor, add LAST YEAR’S MISTAKE by Gina Ciocca to your TBRs, and show her some love!!!!!!