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Me and Julie Murphy at Books of Wonder, where she signed my brand new copy of SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY!

Me and Julie Murphy at Books of Wonder, where she signed my brand new copy of SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY!

In even more reason to do these monthly check-ins probably no one cares about me, I’m participating in the YA Buccaneers’ spring boot camp. (Shout out to the League of Antagonists!) Which means more accountability, more people who have to berate me if I fail to progress, and just generally more being neurotic. OH THE GLORY.Β  And now, yet another update of my 2014 goals/resolutions! (Also, because I got to meet a lot of fun people this month, enjoy some fun March pictures!)

1. Read 5 MGs – Ummmm…still zero. But I bought another one, which should count for something! Since I wasn’t able to make it to either of Laura Marx Fitzgerald’s events celebrating the release of her MG debut, UNDER THE EGG, I nabbed myself a lovely little autographed copy from Books of Wonder at the mega-signing on March 23, and I’m excited to read it…eventually!

2. Read 20 Non-Contemp YAs – Adding two more to the list, compliments of the OneFours! Both LIV, FOREVER by Amy Talkington and THE VIOLET HOUR by Whitney Miller were hella creepy and haunting, with the former being in a more lovely, spooky, heartbreaking way and the latter being in a more active, fast-paced, gory sort of way. So, fun month for cool spec-fic! Also bought a couple more at the BoW signing (thanks, in part, to Gaby being awesome at her job) – THE WINNER’S CURSE by Marie Rutkowski and SCARLET by A.C. Gaughen.

3. Read 10 Adult Books – *continues to direct everyone to look the other way* *runs*

4. Read 115 Other Books – Steadily going! Currently up to 31 for the year. My most recent read was SOMETHING REAL by Heather Demetrios, which I adored, and presumably I’ll finish Steve Brezenoff’s GUY IN REAL LIFE by the end of the day, and highly rec that too.

5. Finish my Follow-Up to BEHIND THE SCENES – DONE DONE-ITY DONE DONE. The first draft of UNDER THE LIGHTS went to my lovely editor, Patricia Riley, on Wednesday night, March 26! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me πŸ˜‰

6. Finish drafting LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT – Now that UNDER THE LIGHTS is done, this is my next writing goal, and I’m aiming to have it completed before I go on my first vacation in I don’t even know how long, so, official target date is by April 13!

7. Finish drafting my chick lit ms – Still nope; still means I’m behaving myself. Did talk about it with my agent at dinner last week, though!

Me and my fab agent, Lana Popovic, post-dinner!

Me and my fab agent, Lana Popovic, post-dinner!

8. Write at least three posts pimping QUILTBAG (QUeer/QUestioning Intersex Lesbian Transgender Bisexual Asexual Gay) titles – Nothing new yet, as I’m waiting for some more new titles to release before I write something new for B&N,Β but I will point out in this one that FAR FROM YOU by Tess Sharpe and THE SUMMER I WASN’T ME by Jessica Verdi both release in April, and you should buy them!

9. Blog more about New Adult, specifically expanding upon the things I talk about here – A little roundabout, but this month I featured a couple of my favorite New Adult authors. Make sure you check out my interview with THE WICKED WE HAVE DONE author Sarah Harian (which does discuss some of that), and the cover reveal for UNTEACHABLE by Leah Raeder!

10. Interview another one of my all-time favorite YA writers – Haven’t done this, but next month I’ll have a guest post from a YA author I’m excited about! Meanwhile, I’m doing lots of other interviews with great people for my brand-new Dialogues with Dahlia series. Currently looking for publicists, librarians, and booksellers, so if you’re one of those and up for a chat, lemme know!

Also, at this point, it’d be pretty impossible for me not to hit 100K pageviews today, so THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported this blog, whether by reading it, commenting on it, being interviewed for it, sharing links, and God only knows what else. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

As a little token of my appreciation, I’m giving away a few things to celebrate:

1. An e-copy of UNTEACHABLE by Leah Raeder, because duh, if you’ve read this blog, like, ever

2. An e-copy of THE WICKED WE DONE, in honor of my recent interview with Sarah Harian

3. A paperback copy of THE DISENCHANTMENTS by Nina LaCour, because I love it and once bought an extra copy just because

4. A copy of SEKRET by Lindsay Smith, because my accountabilibuddy has to deal with a whole lot more status updates from me than just these once-monthlies, and her debut, which releases tomorrow, kicks serious ass

5. A collection of swag from a whole bunch of books, mostly because I have a ton and it’s getting wasted on me. And yes, there’ll be swag for BEHIND THE SCENES in there too πŸ™‚

Ummm, I’m not big on Rafflecopter, but you should probably be following this blog or following me on Twitter or something if you’re gonna enter. And by enter, I mean leave a comment with something about your March, and/or something/anything relating to my blog/how awesome I am, and what prize(s) you’d theoretically like to be entered in for. Giveaway ends Friday, April 4, at noon EST!