Thanks to my oh-so-demanding (in the most fabulous way) accountabilibuddy, Lindsay Smith (whose amazing debut, SEKRET, releases in less than a month!) I’ve jumped on board the YA Buccaneers Spring Writing Bootcamp. Since it doesn’t require any dieting or physically exercise, it feels like something I should at least attempt, no?

So! Step one to taking part is to list your goals for the boot camp. And here are mine:


  • Finish drafting Under the Lights. It’s currently just over 40K, and I update its progress regularly in my blog sidebar, so everyone can see when I’m flagging embarrassingly! This is my sole March goal and I will fail over my own dead body.


  • Finish drafting Last Will and Testament, which just crossed 75K and whose progress I also update regularly in my blog sidebar
  • Revise Under the Lights


  • Revise Last Will and Testament
  • Revise Once You Go Greek

So, not looking for tons of upward mobility in wordcount, really – just another 25-30K or so between Under the Lights and Last Will and Testament – but I sure am hoping to do a whole lot of polishing and book-readying, so, HOLD ME TO THESE THINGS, DAMMIT.

What about you, fabulous followers ‘o mine? Do any of you do boot camps or use any other accountability methods? What keeps you going when the going gets mrraaaaahhhhIdon’twannawrite?