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Yes, I’m keeping up with my monthly check-ins, even if they’re boring, because two months into 2014 and I’m still finding “Accountability” to be the word of my year. So, without further ado, onward on the update of my 2014 goals/resolutions!

1. Read 5 MGs – Uhhhh still not yet. Though I did just buy one of the ones on my list! The awesome Rebecca Behrens had a fantastic launch party for her debut, WHEN AUDREY MET ALICE, and I got my very own signed copy. I also got to see Rebecca read from it, and hang out with Lindsay Ribar, Heidi Schulz, Adam Silvera, Brooks Sherman, Alison Cherry, Emery Lord, Michelle Schusterman, Kim Liggett, Lauren Magaziner, Laura Marx Fitzgerald, and Adriana Brad Schanen. So, uh, having a pretty freaking good MG experience so far!

2. Read 20 Non-Contemp YAs – Got to cross two more off my list: HEXED by Michelle Krys had such a fun voice, perfect for a contemp fiend like me, and TIGER LILY by Jodi Lynn Anderson was such an intriguing read, and a cool take on the Peter Pan story. So, together with THE FOURTH WISH and GRACELING, I’m up to four. Not bad! (Also, NA should totally count here – I just read THE WICKED WE HAVE DONE by Sarah Harian, and it kicked serious ass.)

3. Read 10 Adult Books – *directs everyone to look the other way* *runs*

4. Read 115 Other Books – I’m up to 27 for the year (as seen here), so, minus the four non-contemp YAs, I’m at 21/115. Not bad!

5. Finish my Follow-Up to BEHIND THE SCENES – Working on it! And I’m getting closer, thanks to the awesomeness of my CPs Marieke Nijkamp, Gina Ciocca, and especially Maggie Hall, who’s talked this book to death with me. Also major thanks to my accountabilibuddy, Lindsay Smith, for shaming me into writing even when I’m not feeling it. It may look like my word count hasn’t really been going anywhere, and in fact has dropped considerably (especially given I won NaNo with this thing!) but crazy amounts of rewriting, POV-stripping, and storyline revising have gone into this thing already, and all that’s left now is straight-up drafting. Trust me, that’s huge.

In case you’re curious about how it’s shaping up, here are a couple of random lines I’ve tweeted:

6. Finish drafting LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT – Ah, the manuscript I keep sneaking just a little more in to when I’m not supposed to. I only foresee it getting another 5K or so before the first draft is done, which is…eep. Major eep. God, I love this book for no other reason than it’s six kinds of depraved.

7. Finish drafting my chick lit ms – Nope, but that just means I’m behaving myself.

8. Write at least three posts pimping QUILTBAG (QUeer/QUestioning Intersex Lesbian Transgender Bisexual Asexual Gay) titles – Got one down last month, and this month brought my QUILTBAG YA/NA Compendium, so, yup, still going strong!

9. Blog more about New Adult, specifically expanding upon the things I talk about here – Umm, I got a tiny bit in here, I guess?

10. Interview another one of my all-time favorite YA writers – Still haven’t attempted this, but I’m excited about a NA writer I’ll be interviewing for my blog next month, so, stay tuned!