Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of Top Ten Tuesday! As I am a very grateful author, I couldn’t skip this one. So, here’s my list!

  1. My husband – Sorry that’s cheesy, but whatever. We’re talking about a man who actually says things like, “Go write – I’ll clean up” and “What can I do so you get more writing time?” on a regular basis. He also doesn’t blink when I ask if my CPs he’s never spoken to can stay with us for a week, says No when I ask if I should give books away because my collection of YA is starting to carpet our living room, knows more of you by name than you can possibly imagine, and has now read three of my manuscripts. So, yeah – he earns the top spot!
  2. My CPs – Look, I know everyone thinks they have the greatest CPs, but the thing is, I really do. My CPs read everything I write, talk things out with me, let me freak out when I need to, make me feel like I’m actually decent at this whole writing thing, write posts like this and this and this, and not only am I closer with them than most people I’ve known for years, but I genuinely believe they want the best for me, always. I don’t think there’s anything more important you could feel about the people you trust with your work. (Oh, and it helps that they are all insanely talented writers and I get first crack at everything they do. It helps a lot.) Major shoutouts to Maggie Hall (and happy birthday to her, too!!), Marieke Nijkamp, Gina Ciocca, Erica Chapman, Sarah Benwell, and Sarah Henning for everything they’ve done and shared with me this year. ❤
  3. My Editor – Do you guys know Patricia Riley? You should. She is afreakingmazing. Yes, I have a book deal because of her, but I also have a better book because of her. (And the rest of the talented SHC team – for real, they have got the best interns and editorial assistants ever.) And the second book, which I’ve been busting my butt on this month? Waaaay better because of her too…and she hasn’t even seen it yet!
  4. My agent – Not only does my agent definitely know more about liquor than your agent, and not only does she let me call her LANAAAAAAAAA, but she is pretty much just the smartest, most supportive, most freaking awesome person ever. (And *also* has a great and brilliant intern! *waves at Alison*) Plus, she thinks I’m good at writing stuff, and I like to hear that.
  5. The YA Misfits – We have been through so much together, as our massive email chains and the growing list of Our Books can attest, and I’m so psyched at all the stuff we’ve shared and done together and been there for!
  6. Awesome Writer Friends – On top of the other fab people mentioned here, there are a few without whose regular texts, IMs, DMs, and emails I’d never get through the day, let alone the year. There are too many to name, but in the acknowledgments of 2013 I could never leave out Rick Lipman, Becca Weston, and Heidi Schulz.
  7. Book bloggers – I know it’s still early and I haven’t actually been reviewed or anything like that yet, but the number of bloggers who’ve already told me they’re excitedly waiting for my book is freaking awesome. Plus, in general, the idea of people putting in crazy amounts of work purely for love of books? Insanely cool. And, sometimes, they even start great memes that get you blogging 😉
  8. Really great books – You know the ones. The ones that make you want to hug the author, or rush to leave a glowing review or rating, or just feel “get” you, or blow you away with the amount of talent they require… This year I was definitely privileged to read some books that blew me away, and I’m so grateful to their authors for giving me things to both get excited about and aspire to. (Which books in particular? Check back for something pretty awesome on this blog in December!)
  9. OneFourKidLit – Selling a book has been my dream for a long damn time, and yet there are so many questions I didn’t even know to have until I got to that point. Thankfully, the amazing authors debuting in 2014 with me have been fabulous at sharing their knowledge and experiences, and have made a world of difference in the process. Plus, I get to read their amazing books early 😉
  10. Bookstores and libraries – I don’t really frequent the latter, and I’ve pretty much signed over my life savings to the former over the past year, but whatever – keep fighting the awesome fight and being places of extreme happiness. I love you.