Thank you so much to everyone who’s helped me achieve the double milestone today of hitting 150 blog follows and 30,000 pageviews, especially to the participants in Perpetual WIPs who’ve contributed a ton and done so anonymously!

In thanks, I’m having a giveaway, partly inspired by my dear friend Becca (whose epic giveaway you must enter), and bear with me because I have no idea how to use Rafflecopter. Now, I’d love if you’d spread the word and all that, but my Rafflecopter options are going to be devoted to giving thanks to some of the people who have really awesomely helped me reach these goals, whether by helping me with Perpetual WIPs questions, being the awesome CPs I gush about, or graciously hosting me on their blogs. Obviously there are about a zillion more people I’d like to thank, but you’ve gotta start somewhere, and really, what are you gonna do with 98739487 entries in my giveaway?

So, a BIG thank you to everyone who’s RTed, commented, interviewed me, hosted me, and just been generally awesome. I look forward to thanking even more of you the next time around!


(Please note that “any Books of Wonder book” = within reason. If you think I’m buying you a $450 book, you’re out of your mind. International writers, feel free to enter! I’ll have to tweak the prizes but I promise you won’t go empty-handed! Also, I didn’t make following me on Twitter or this blog a requirement, but if I’m buying you books, don’t you feel like you should? You probably should. <3)