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Well, after the long, strange trip of 2012, I’m excited to look forward and think about what comes next! So here are a few things I’m looking forward to in 2013; tell me what you’re looking forward to in the comments!

  • Finally finishing my WIP, JUST VISITING! You can learn a little more about it here if you’re interested, but I suspect this thing is going to twist and turn so much during revisions that who knows what it’ll be at the end?!
  • Pitch Wars, of course! Excited to get to share Team Smitten Kitten with the world and watch them get snatched up! And, the day after Pitch Wars happens to be a very special day as well…. AND I’m getting two very special visitors, who’s staying with me to attend….
  • SCBWI! So excited to be able to attend my first conference, especially since I’ll be joined by some amazing CPs and writer friends I can’t wait to meet!
  • More friends announcing book deals and agent signings! And that’s all I’ll say about that 😉
  • Upcoming blog posts – you can find me next on Pen and Muse (January 6) and YA Misfits (January 16)! Plus, I’m hoping to do another Perpetual WIPs page, this one for pre-published authors, so if you fall into that category, I just might be coming for you around February… (Feel free to cut me off at the pass and let me know if you’d be interested in participating!) AND I’ve got a giveaway planned, so, stay tuned!
  • Finishing the chick lit book I’ve been working on, on and off, for… I don’t even know how long now. But a certain couple of CPs have demanded it be finished, so here’s hoping it will be!
  • Plus, you know, some personal things involving my sister and some close friends having babies (one having twins!) so, that’s pretty cool too 😉

So that’s 2013 as I know it so far! What are you looking forward to next year?