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I’m excited for 2013. You know why? Because my 2013 plans look like this: “Finish writing JUST VISITING. Then finish that chick lit book you’ve been working on forever. Then go back to one of the two YA projects you’ve mentally outlined and actually write one of them. Also, go to dinner with some friends, and maybe try that new tapas place.”

Ah, sweet normal life.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve had normal. Here was my 2011: “Move back to New York. Go through hell getting an apartment. Keep your job and work from home, and then realize that working from home is completely screwing with your sanity and ability to communicate with people who don’t live on the Internet. Also, your husband’s job that was deferred until January? We’re deferring it to April. No, we don’t care that you finally made the decision to leave your job as of January 31st and you’ve already given notice and been replaced. Just don’t ask us where your insurance is coming from or how you’re going to pay those student loan bills you deferred until now but just started paying with money you actually don’t have.”

And then here was my 2012:

January: Finish up job while lamenting that you were too stupid to wait until your husband had actually started working to give notice, all because you thought it’d be cool to have some time to actually get to write while looking for new jobs. Turn another year older while feeling you have less than nothing to show for it other than bad decisions and an apartment you currently can’t afford.

February: Look for jobs while copy editing 150,000 words a week. Lose husband’s grandfather.

March: Look for jobs while revising BEHIND THE SCENES and copy editing 150,000 words a week.

April: Look for jobs while revising BEHIND THE SCENES and copy editing 150,000 words a week. Find out husband has been deferred yet another two weeks. Realize husband will probably never start at firm. Watch him get laid off the night before he’s supposed to start.

May: Look for jobs while copy editing 150,000 words a week. Enter ‘The Writer’s Voice’ contest, meet some kickass people, then lose the grandmother with whom you were very, very close so that it becomes really, really hard to appreciate that wonderful things are happening, even as an incredible agent requests material. And then requests more the next day.

June: Get an offer on BEHIND THE SCENES from said incredible agent. Accept offer but still refuse to believe any of it is actually real because you have spent the past six months watching everything you think is real get pulled out from under you. Get a job offer the day after signing with said agent. Cry because you realize you have literally lost the ability to feel happiness or believe things will work out. Then watch husband suddenly get offer after offer. Also pretend you’re actually going to do JuNoWriMo and finally focus on writing THE BOOK OF ESTHER.

July: Watch husband go off to his first day at work at a fantastic firm. Realize things will be okay, as soon as you figure out how to juggle everything you were doing before with the fact that you now have a full time job.

August: Work fulltime job, two copy editing jobs, and revise THE BOOK OF ESTHER. Try not to die of exhaustion.

September: Work fulltime job, two copy editing jobs, and revise THE BOOK OF ESTHER. Also launch YA Misfits and lose two days every week to Jewish holidays.

October: Grab a little sanity back by finishing THE BOOK OF ESTHER and finally ending one copy editing contract. Breathe.

November: Finally get back in the saddle with WIP I’ve been struggling to write forfreakingever, JUST VISITING.

December: Bury self in PitchWars, end up meeting a zillion fantastic writers, get privileged enough to end up with the fantastic Team Smitten Kitten (consisting of my incredible mentee, Ghenet Myrthil, and alternates Nikki Urang and Elodie Nowodazkij), witness my absolutely amazing CP Maggie Hall announce a crazy well-deserved book deal for her international thriller trilogy,  realize JUST VISITING’s first draft is about 2/3 complete, and thank everyone who has gotten me through this insane, insane year.

To name a few:

My fellow YA Misfits, for tons of laughs, something to look forward to when things were insane, and countless other things. I am so incredibly proud of us as a whole and individually, and excited to see what 2013 has to bring.

The lovely women of Ellora’s Cave (NSFW – unless your work is for them!), who kept me afloat when I quite literally felt like I was drowning.

My amazing CPs, whose awesomeness you can read more about here.

My agent, Andrea Somberg, who has done more for BEHIND THE SCENES than I thought was humanly possible to do for an inanimate object. Thank you for believing in my book as much as I do. Possibly more 😉

The 19 wonderful people who participated in Perpetual WIPs, both querying and agented, I wish I could call you out by name. Unfortunately, I promised that whole “privacy” thing, but it’s been such a blessing seeing so many of you enjoy so much success since! Can’t wait to bug some of you for my “(pre-)published” edition 😉

Brenda Drake, whose efforts to help writers find representation are exhaustive, tireless, and awe-inspiring. Thank you to the ends of the earth for including me in Pitch Wars.

Everyone who has interviewed me or let me guest post, and entertained just how much I love talking about myself. (Links to all are available here.) Much love to Kat Ellis, AG, Suzi Retzlaff, CupidsLC, Laura Howard, and especially the Muses, because I’ve got nothing to show for that one yet, but they’re endlessly patient with me anyway 😉

Everyone who shared their manuscripts with me, thanked me for critique, kept me up to date on revisions, and just generally let me in to your writerly worlds – you are some of the bravest people on the planet, and I thank you.

To everyone who finished a book, got an agent, sold a book, and just generally put themselves out there in 2012, you are all rock stars. Or at least the literary equivalent. I guess the liquor consumption is probably about the same.

And everyone else who has made or let me laugh, smile, buck up, rant, “get on the positivity train” (OK, that one’s just Dee), and everything in between. You probably know who you are, so you can go ahead and pat yourselves on the back now 🙂