Before I get going any further on the necessity and awesomeness of betas and CPs, I’m going to take a minute to thank some of my own wonderful ones as part of the “I’m Thankful for my Readers” bloghop being run by Viklit and Tara Tyler! Here’s hoping I have many more books in me and will be able to employ the fabulous critique of many a gracious beta and CP in the future, but for now, a huge, major, heartfelt thanks to those who’ve already done me the incredible favor of critiquing my stuff!

To Christopher Koehler: You literally taught me what a beta was. I can admit that now. You also took on my books when they were totally unreadable, even though YA is not exactly your thing. You made me believe doing this whole writing thing was actually possible. Oh, and you got me a job. So yes, you go first, here and always.

To Marieke Nijkamp: You are freaking amazing. You are fast, you are thorough, and all of that pales in comparison to how much you actually visibly care about my work being the best it can be. Plus, you let me bug you on GChat alllll freaking day. Thank you a million times for your notes on BtS, your incredible two sets of notes on TBoE, and for even giving me notes on my beloved-but-shelved MNIE and the-barely-exists JV. I am a proud Mariekrit survivor!

To Valerie Cole: My living proof that you can exchange 40 emails a day with someone on a regular basis AND spend multiple hours at a B&N with them the very first time you meet. I love being sub buddies with you, I love your Liam’s Abs Fan Club membership, and I am eternally grateful for your help with both TBoE and JV. (And all the help I am going to require in the future for JV, obviously.) And when it’s all done, KOSHER GUM ROAD TRIP.

To Erica Chapman: There is no one else on earth who could get me to share all my past crappy manuscripts, but you totally trick me with your awesomeness and incredible support -_-. You are wonderful, I appreciate your TBoE help so much, and yes, I will totally elbow all your future Entangled authors out of the way for your help in the future! (But no more G-Chatting until 6 AM!!!!)

To Gina Ciocca: You help me keep my sanity. You make things funny that aren’t really funny. And you taught me what it truly, truly means to Respect the Fluff, to appreciate the high of finishing a draft, that sometimes things suck a little less when you’re not going through them alone. Plus, Liam’s abs totally thank you for all your encouragement, support, and notes on TBoE!

To Maggie Hall: Thank you for cracking me up, for making me rush to finish things so you can read them, for giving me great notes on both TBoE and BtS, and for exchanging massively long e-mails with me when I’m going out of my mind. Oh, and for writing multiple posts featuring the glory of Ian Somerhalder. And for letting me talk you into watching Revenge. And for getting your husband to convince me that a certain scene really, really needed to be changed. Thank him too, maybe? AND THEN WRITE ME ALLLLL THE SWORDFIGHTS.

To Melanie Stanford: It’s been a while, but you were the very first person to give me notes on BtS in that tiny window pre-giving-it-up-to-agent and they were great ones. Thank you so much for that!

And to Arielle Kane: I kid about the brutal crit, but you are probably why I have an agent, period. For whatever happens to it, BtS is an infinitely better book because of you. Someday, I can’t wait to return the favor in the form of something other than free falafel.