It’s been one month since I made the definitely questionable and absolutely unlike-me decision to leave my job at a scientific journal to force myself to pursue a career in a publishing field in which I’m more passionate as well as to focus on my writing. One month of “Oh God, is that the stupidest thing I’ve ever done?” and “Was that really necessary?” and “I miss my co-workers” and “Why would I leave a job that didn’t require me to put on pants?” (I worked from home. Stop getting ideas.) One month of… well, not a lot.

I had grand plans for semi-funemployment, but you know how God cracks up at that sort of thing. For one thing, I say “semi” because I do actually have two steady freelance jobs as a copy editor. Naturally, as soon as my time at my full-time job came to an end, the massive assignments from those publishers came rolling in. And so, I spent my first two weeks of freedom working my butt off to edit an anthology of ten short stories as well as two novel-length manuscripts.

Then, the day after I finally had it all turned in, my husband’s grandfather unfortunately passed away. It’s amazing how quickly the world around you can disappear when you’re spending your evenings and weekend in a shiva house, something I haven’t done since my own grandmother passed away ten years ago. Then shiva ended, leaving work to make up, my sister’s birthday to celebrate, and a siyum to organize. (A siyum is the culmination of learning a series of books of the old testament. When someone passes away, it’s tradition to have friends and family each learn a portion or two of the Mishnah, which is the first part of the Talmud, the Jewish oral tradition and then gather together after 30 days to commemorate the deceased.) Add all that to basic errands and regular copy editing assignments, even those of more manageable length, and you’ve got… not a whole lot of time to do anything you planned.

And so, my writing just kinda sits there, languishing in its sad little Word document. (I have done a bunch of blogging though, both here and on Crasstalk, so, that’s something? Sorta?) I swear I’ll get to it eventually. After all, this is the week I finally made good on my “funemployment” list items “Go to MoMA,” “Eat macarons at MacarOn Cafe,” and “Make your own macarons which suck less than the last time you attempted it,” so, perhaps it’s the start of wonderful things to come! Who knows what next week will hold? (This is actually fairly rhetorical, because next week is the Jewish fast day of Ta’anit Esther on Wednesday and the holiday of Purim on Thursday so, yeah, I kinda know exactly what next week will hold, but you get where I’m going with this.)

I like to think this past month was just the first stepping stone on an actual adventure. But you know what I’d like even more than that?

A job.